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Relationship issues are a common thread amongst all of us, which is not surprising as all of our lives are comprised of social and intimate interaction with others.   What is also common amongst us is the desire to find love and be loved. The energetic pull between soulmates may be gentle or quite forceful, depending on the situation; however, soulmates are never truly apart from each other.

Even if they are miles apart geographically, their hearts and souls are forever bound. Soulmate relationships frequently arise during Past Life Regression Therapy and I wanted to share a couple of more stories with you.

I’ll begin with the story of a client I will call Ava. Ava had trouble making sense of a relationship that wasn’t evolving into something more serious, yet she knew the connection and chemistry she had with this man, who I will call Thomas, was deep and she knew they both loved each other dearly.

During a Past Life Regression she discovered that she was once married to Thomas. They lived in America, in Atlanta, during the 19th century and during this time Ava’s life had ended suddenly. It appeared there was unfinished business between them and they were reunited in this life, but Thomas was detached and uncommitted.

Once Ava became aware of the deep love that spanned life times with this man and the origin of her feelings for him, she was able to honour herself by making better choices in her current situation. Instead of going on with his lack of commitment, for her own highest good she called an end to their casual fling, choosing self-respect over being only an option for him.

Deep down she knew they weren't meant to be together long term in this life and the knowledge they were soulmates and lived a previous life together as man and wife was gratifying enough for her to have the courage and the confidence to move on without him, loving him all the same. She was able to remain friends with this soulmate and moved on with her life with no bitterness and no regret, only love and an inner peace that came from her understanding and acceptance of the relationship. She literally set herself free.

Another client, who I will call Chloe, was curious about the origins of her deep connection with her boyfriend’s best friend, who I’ll call Will. She loved her boyfriend greatly, but personally and privately felt torn and confused about how she loved both of these men deeply. During her regression she discovered that in 14th Century Europe she was born into a loving family and her brother during that life was actually Will. They were very close in age and very close in heart and soul. They lived in modest surroundings and always played together as children running around happily outside.

One day they were ambushed during medieval warfare, they witnessed their mother and father being killed and as they fled and tried to hide, Will tried to protect his younger sister and was killed in the process. This knowledge of their closeness as brother and sister in a past life provided Chloe with a better understanding of why she felt so close to Will. It also gave clarity to the reason Will often sided with Chloe, a behaviour that caused friction with Will and his best friend, Chloe’s boyfriend.

This knowledge enabled Chloe to identify the cause of her close feelings for Will and gave her an instant understanding of their connection that she was able to make sense of. Will was a soulmate and as she was made aware, soulmates do not always come in the form of a lover, yet they are here to teach us just as valuable lessons about ourselves, our reactions, our behaviours and our choices.

Past Life Regression Therapy offers you a greater vision into the true essence of the human soul. Your spiritual heart knows without any uncertainty and your intuition will never mislead you.

Listen to your heart, follow your own intuitive wisdom and allow love to dissolve all doubt, fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy and grief. Let destiny reunite you with your loved ones time and time again.

Much love,


Robyn x