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Meditation is the art of energy healing. The more you are able to relax your body and mind through meditation the more likely you are to feel peaceful and present.

While meditation fosters better mental and physical health it also opens the gateway to the endless resourcefulness of your subconscious mind. From a place of deep relaxation and focused attention you are opening the channel to receive great wisdom from your higher self.

The most common problem people have when they try to meditate is quietening their mind from the seemingly endless internal chatter. It is not necessary to rid your mind of all thoughts, only to shift your focus.

To do this, start by taking a deep breath to ground yourself in your space. Allow your conscious thoughts to enter your mind and gently let them go by bringing your attention to your breathing. Notice the rise and fall of your natural breath and, if necessary, start counting your breath and return to counting every time a random thought enters your mind.

To further enhance that deep place of relaxation consciously relax your muscles, start by stretching the feet and the calf muscles etc., working your way up to your shoulders, neck, jaw and face. As you gradually become deeply relaxed you enter an altered state of consciousness and this opens the gateway to an abyss of personal knowledge, greater personal wisdom and symbolic messages.

These messages can offer resolution to any concerns you have and they have the potential to create a pathway to greater life fulfilment. You have the answers. They present themselves while you are in a meditative state, in your dreams or during past life experiences.

Past Life Regression Therapy is an energetic journey that can lead to profound healing and regular meditation increases your ability to recall past life memories and access your intuitive wisdom. Tapping into your subconscious allows you to access the answers and solutions to all thoughts, ideas and concerns.

If you start by only taking 5 minutes to focus on your breathing and relaxing your muscles you are doing yourself a good service!

Much love,


Robyn x