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Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) is a short-term, intensive psychotherapy intended to alleviate human suffering by helping individuals change inappropriate behaviour patterns, promote wider acceptance of the self, improve interpersonal relationships and achieve balance and harmony in their personal lives.

The regression experience is a search for the source of the problem and it is important for the client to have some understanding of their own personal dynamics and accept responsibility for their own lives. It is essential for me, the therapist, to create and provide a safe environment for the client to feel confident in verbalising anything that is seen in the subconscious and for the client to be free enough to maintain the same level of objectivity and non-judgemental attitude towards whatever information is presented.

What to expect:

After an initial discussion to explore any current or recurrent problems, you are gently guided through a relaxation exercise and a guided meditation. This is an energetic journey we take together and when a relaxed state of being is achieved, past life memory recall is activated. The subconscious automatically begins to alert the senses and produce images of a story that reflects current life issues. Events from a past life are presented that help identify the root cause of any emotional, mental or physical complaints and conditions.

The obvious truth is we all die and the death scene of a past life brings a sense of completion and, more importantly, detachment. The transition through the death scene is an opportunity to let go consciously of the repetitive thoughts, feelings and fears of that other self. This is also when the spirit, the soul, directly conveys personal messages of wisdom to you, messages that assist in the healing process and in moving forward. When your soul has finished communicating with you there is an energetic healing process before I gently ground you back into the room. The post-regression discussion consists of valuable comparison between the themes and events of the other life with unresolved issues in this one.


While Past Life Therapy can help achieve total well-being, there are a number of limitations that clients can bring with them. The first of these is the difficulty of relaxing into an altered state so that past life material can be accessed, it is essential to surrender to the process and not try to consciously control what happens. Sometimes clients cannot fix on a past life and images from various lives come and go with periods in time and characters changing, causing confusion.

Unfortunately some people are so deeply connected to a major complex (issue) that they maintain a ‘victim’ mentality with a predetermined destiny to suffer, which they have an underlying commitment to live out, and they remain stuck. Other people identify with a religious system that contradicts insights that emerge with regression work.

While some cases can be resolved in one to two sessions, long standing issues may require longer periods of time to integrate the new understanding into your life. The insights gained from a past life regression provide a supportive framework as well as a sense of knowing where you are going and why, even if you are not there yet.

Much love,

Robyn x