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Blog 24 250x250Have you ever been separated from someone you love and as a result ached and longed for that person desperately? A client, who I will call Eva, is in a long distance relationship with a man she only sees occasionally. Her biggest fear is that she will lose him to somebody else because she is not able to maintain a constant presence in his life and their communication can be difficult due to the different time zones that being on opposite sides of the world presents.

Before the regression we set the intention to explore whether she had any past lives with this man to help her gain a greater understanding of her connection to him. Initially Eva wasn’t able to ground herself into one past life and experienced different lives and scenarios as different characters, including characters of both genders. (For our spiritual evolution our souls experience varied ways of life.)

Eva eventually found herself in North America and in a loving relationship with her current life boyfriend who I will call Jag. Jag was a Native American Indian in this past life and in the presenting scenario she described him dressed in only animal skin with handmade weapons, about to leave for war. Eva was his wife and mother of his only child and as a consequence of this war Jag died and they never saw each other again after that final farewell.

In this ancient life Eva went on to marry another man and have more children, however she did not love this next husband despite him being a good, kind man and well respected in the community. She had experienced a devastating loss of a soulmate and her heart was never to be the same and she was never to love another man like she loved him. It was clear Eva’s fear of losing Jag in this current life stemmed from losing him in a past life and this deep knowing would enable her to better control her thoughts surrounding her fear.

It is not uncommon for a person to love someone, a soulmate, so deeply and uniquely that they never experience or develop that same deep level of love for anyone else. Soulmates have a mutual familiarity and a powerful connection, but when soulmates are on separate paths it can cause a lot of sadness and suffering. While you can be physically worlds away from each other the flickering candle of your burning love stays alight and you are always connected by the heart and soul, in a past life, in this life and most likely lives to come.

Much love,

Robyn x