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To achieve the best results & outcomes from Past Life Regression Therapy, the process requires us to let go of control of our left-brained, analytical minds. It is important to let the information flow without our conscious minds interrupting the process with thoughts such as ‘How can I know that?’, ‘Did I just make that up?’ and ‘That seems impossible!’. The analysis comes after the regression.

During hypnosis it is essential to acquire a focused concentration on the images and messages from our subconscious. This is the place where we find our answers and solutions to presenting problems. The right hemisphere of our brain generates our dreams, our intuition and our highest wisdom. We all have it and we can all tap into it, if we allow ourselves to do so by simply letting go and quietening our busy minds.

All of our experiences are subconsciously retained and the therapeutic goal is to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our current life in the light of our extended experiences from other lives. The wise part of our mind is able to access whatever experiences can contribute to this understanding.

A client I’ll call Anna is a woman in her mid-40s and mother of two teenage girls. She experienced intense feelings of guilt, beyond the common mother’s guilt, as well as a desperate need to control her youngest daughter. Her regression led her to a past life where she was once again the mother of her youngest daughter, but in this particular past life her daughter was restricted to a wheelchair. What followed was scenes of the family house burning down while her daughter was trapped inside.

This obviously provoked quite an emotional reaction underlined with grief and guilt and, most significantly, this is where the real therapeutic value of Past Life Regression Therapy lies. Anna was able to identify the source of her intense guilt and need of control. The residue of her past life experience had carried over causing her to be excessively protective of her younger daughter. Identifying the source enabled this emotional residue to lift.

This process and realisation incited Anna’s ability to let go of needing to control her daughter so much and led to a deeper place of understanding and acceptance of her own feelings, freeing her to make better choices to transform their relationship.

The lessons and answers are available when we connect to our higher self, all it takes is to let go and let it flow.

Much love,

Robyn x