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To change we have to acknowledge that we have the power within us to create problems, but more importantly we have the power to resolve them. Wanting change and working towards it are two different things. Here is a short list of behaviours stopping you from living the life you want and the life you deserve.

Resistance comes in the forms of:

Excuses – excuses are delaying tactics such as ‘I’ll do it later.’, ‘As soon as I get through…[whatever it might be] …’, ‘The time isn’t right.’. If you are really ready for change, the time is NOW. Setting goals to overcome personal problems later, down the track or next year is simply a resistance tactic.

Assumptions ‘It’s no use me trying, it won’t work.’, ‘No one can help me.’, Assuming things of others is only justifying your own resistance without the proof to support it. Assumptions place limits on your imagination and shut off many possibilities. You stay in your comfort zone without breaking new ground.

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Day 2 of Dr Brian Weiss’ seminar on the weekend started with a moment’s silence in the wake of the senseless horror that had just unfolded in Paris. After some discussion he led the hundreds of people in the audience through another group regression.

Following guided relaxation and instruction to enter a past life, I immediately received an image of a woman, who I intuitively knew was me, standing on a rolling green hill, arms stretched wide, holding the hand of the man I had just married. As I focused on the details of the scene, I noticed the large castle behind us and that the uniform my husband was wearing was that of a king from Tudor times. Our love was undeniable and celebrated by the people gathered there. The messages were clear as my subconscious played out the scenes like a movie.

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I have no doubt that when someone says ‘There’s always someone worse off’ that it does in fact come from a well-meaning and kind-hearted person whose intentions are to be caring and compassionate. However…

1.  Most people are well aware that there are others suffering from worse situations and illnesses and, like myself, would probably choose their own problems over others’ if everybody threw their problems, issues and complaints into a ring.

2.  It is not helpful! Those five simple words trivialise what the person is going through, as if their current situation is actually not important or difficult to manage. Whatever someone is experiencing, whether it be big or small, is important.

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In psychology there are five stages of grief: 1. Denial, 2. Anger, 3. Bargaining, 4. Depression & 5. Acceptance. In spiritual work and Past Life Regression Therapy there is a sixth stage, Reconnection.

Contact with loved ones that have passed over is quite common. Visits from the deceased would be even more apparent if people weren’t so afraid, even though they long for contact, and if this phenomena wasn’t so taboo. Generally, our Western belief system denies the possibility of connecting with the dead so most people miss out on the comfort and reassurance their loved ones are trying to offer.

I have had numerous connections with spirit and will share some of my experiences. Previously, I haven’t spoken much about my contact with those that have passed over because of the way others’ attitudes and beliefs result in resistant behaviours, but if you are interested continue reading.

rsz shutterstock 109484381Past lives and Past Life Regression Therapy can be a pretty hard thing to get your head around if you have not experienced regression therapy or had some sort of spiritual awakening, but it is certainly not new or ‘New Age’ therapy.

Well known psychologist, Sigmund Freud, actually experimented with past life therapy and his work of tapping into repressed memories of early childhood, through hypnosis, became the early foundation of regression therapy.  However, it wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s that this form of psychotherapy became generally recognised and acceptable.  

There are many things that can block our clear understanding of past life therapy and create a barrier to regression work, namely, cultural or religious beliefs.  We may become close-minded to alternate ideas and systems and because information cannot enter a closed mind, nothing new can be learned or gained.  While people’s personal, religious or spiritual beliefs can be powerful, fortunately experience is the most powerful form of knowing.  A past life memory can occur during regression, in a dream, while meditating or even spontaneously in a case of déjà vu!  These experiences can be enough to release a closed mind from scepticism, to allow questions to be asked and beliefs to be examined.  From experience our knowing becomes clear and our understanding can be immediate.  We are accessing our own intuitive power.

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To achieve the best results & outcomes from Past Life Regression Therapy, the process requires us to let go of control of our left-brained, analytical minds. It is important to let the information flow without our conscious minds interrupting the process with thoughts such as ‘How can I know that?’, ‘Did I just make that up?’ and ‘That seems impossible!’. The analysis comes after the regression.

During hypnosis it is essential to acquire a focused concentration on the images and messages from our subconscious. This is the place where we find our answers and solutions to presenting problems. The right hemisphere of our brain generates our dreams, our intuition and our highest wisdom. We all have it and we can all tap into it, if we allow ourselves to do so by simply letting go and quietening our busy minds.