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The inability to forgive is an inability to heal; it blocks spiritual growth and drains vital energy from our souls. Forgiveness is much easier said than done, but to truly move forward it is essential. To allow anger and resentment to reside in our hearts and minds means we are remaining the victim of those who have wronged us. Forgiveness takes strength and determination.

Here are 15 tips on forgiveness:

1. Life is not always fair, neither are people. Do not expect others to behave or treat people how you would.

2. You have every right to feel angry, hurt, sad, resentful, betrayed etc. Accept, understand and express your feelings. Suppressing your feelings only means they will erupt at another time.

3. Forgiveness does not mean maintaining a relationship with someone who has wronged you, or conceding that their actions are ok. Forgiveness is establishing acceptable boundaries.

4. To forgive others, learn to forgive yourself. Self-forgiveness cleanses the soul, washing away shame and guilt.

5. If you find it hard to forgive your parents for imperfect parenting remember they were shaped by the way they were parented as were their parents and so on.

6. Being forgiving is being resilient enough to recover. Forgiveness heals your pain.

Blog 44 250x250Telepathy is a phenomenon by which mind to mind communication occurs. This mental communication, a transference of thought from one mind to another regardless of distance, is based on emotions, feelings, sensations, images and desires.

This skill is not only reserved for psychics and mediums when connecting with spirit, you too can communicate telepathically!

Telepathic communication occurs when the mind and body is in a relaxed state and is most likely to happen between people who have had a significant connection to one another. To send a message to someone it is important to hold them in your thoughts and visualise their image.

Picture an imaginary path for your communication to travel and believe it will reach its destination. Emotions are powerful so emotionally charge your thought, feeling or desire to the person you want to communicate with.

Deep meditation makes communication with spirit guides and passed over loved ones possible where conversations are exchanged via thought form. Telepathy also occurs in our dreams as well as in the relaxed state just before we fall asleep when it is possible to transmit our thoughts and feelings to another person purely through heightened extra-sensory awareness.

Having a child with a disability is one of the most heartbreaking challenges a parent can face. Parents only ever want their children to be healthy, happy and live a life better than the one they had themselves.

When a child is born with, or later develops, a disability it is natural for parents to experience profound anguish and anger at life and the universe.

Why would this happen to an innocent child they love so much? The pain can be unbearable, parental relationships come undone due to the stress and they commonly blame themselves or each other for ‘faulty’ genes.

However, ultimately this has nothing to do with genetics. It has everything to do with the life planned of the soul before birth and if a soul planned to experience a life with a disability then they would have coordinated their life blueprints with the souls of their parents to be.

In the search for discovering the real meaning of the lives we planned before we were born, what does this experience offer that makes such suffering worthwhile from the perspective of the soul?

Physical accidents appear to be random events, varying from unfortunate to tragic. However, the very paradoxical concept of a ‘planned accident’ is the result of the pre-birth planning process.

Life, sometimes, just does not seem to be fair, but many accidents and other fateful and significant life moments are planned; souls choose extraordinary challenges for their own spiritual awakening and a deeper knowing of self.

For those souls that choose life changing realities resulting from accidents, like becoming paralysed, permanently disfigured or disabled, they have the power and strength to get through it and overcome the initial feelings of heartbreak that their life will never be the same.

The sense of loss may seem insurmountable and the person may experience extensive grief, regret, guilt and depression, but their path is mapped out for a far more profound and empowering existence.

Profound growth is possible for not only the person who the accident happened to; the lives of everyone around that person are also touched. Partners, family members and friends take on different roles and because our lives are all interconnected, the ripple effect extends to community with fundraisers, benefit dinners and an outpouring of love.

Self-knowledge is the gateway to your inner peace. It leads to a better understanding of your emotions and behaviours, what causes them and what their purpose is for your own personal growth.

With this knowledge and understanding you can recognise the lessons being presented and empower yourself to overcome life’s emotional challenges.

Here’s a short list of common emotions and behaviours and what they are teaching you.

Fear – shows a negative outlook towards something you don’t understand or an uncertainty towards the unknown. Fear is teaching you courage and mental strength.

Bitterness – shows where you are holding onto hurt and where you need to heal. It demonstrates that you are holding judgements on others for the injustice you’ve experienced. Bitterness is teaching you forgiveness.

Resentment – shows an inability to move on from a painful event or wrongdoing and demonstrates you are living in the past. Resentment is teaching you to let go and be present by living in the here and now.

Guilt – shows that you are living your life based on the expectations of what others think you should do and how you should act. Guilt is teaching you to live by your own beliefs and principles.

Substance addiction is one of the most common of life challenges. It is an act of numbing the pain and escaping raw emotions due to the fear of confronting the real problems and issues that are being presented.

It can be soul destroying, but also soul defining.

From the concept of pre-birth planning, a search for the deeper purpose of the experience can ease the pain of those directly and indirectly affected.

Learning that life challenges are planned enables you to adopt a completely new perspective, shedding negative emotions such as regret, remorse and sadness.

Over time our souls experience it all; perpetrator, victim, poverty, wealth, good health, alcoholism, drug addiction, everything! (For this reason alone we could all do with being less judgmental and more compassionate.)

It’s hard to imagine why souls would plan to reincarnate either as an addict, a loving parent of an addict or even as a child born to a parent with a drug addiction. However, this is a conscious choice for whatever the soul needs to learn this time around for their desired growth.