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If you are knowingly on a Twin Flame journey, then you have most likely experienced what is known as a ‘dark night of the soul’, a dark place where your world has collapsed, you’ve lost meaning to life, maybe even experienced a dark depression.

This is, in fact, the beginning of a deep spiritual awakening. What collapses is the conceptual framework around the meaning you give to your life and when you eventually emerge from the darkness you do so with a transformed state of consciousness.

You awaken to something deeper; you have a deeper sense of connection to yourself and to something bigger than life that is not dependent on any explanation or theoretical ideology.

It is the death of the ego. A re-birthing of the soul.

Before the ‘dark night of the soul’, it’s most likely that you have absolutely no knowledge of the twin flame phenomenon; you will be completely oblivious to it. You may have heard it being referenced, but it means absolutely nothing to you… until you go through your own awakening.

This is a good thing. Because if you did have knowledge of your twin flame connection then it is possible it would become your main focus and alter your course, steering you away from the karmic relationships you are meant to have and the lessons you are meant to learn along the way.

It is through the pain of the ‘dark night of the soul’ that you come to learn unconditional love and that is the whole point of the twin flame journey.

It is through this pain that you are forced into your healing journey.

It is through the healing journey you recognise there is no point in trying to ‘let go’ of your twin flame.

It is through this awakening that you develop strong psychic and intuitive skills that help you keep the faith and trust on the journey instead of thinking that you are obsessed and delusional about some ex-partner. I assure you, you are not.

It is the ‘dark night of the soul’ that changes your life dramatically and moves you towards your spiritual awakening where you are guided towards your gifts, usually in the healing arts.

It is the stepping out of the ego and stepping into your heart space, it is the healing and the personal alignment to your highest potential that leads you to union.

And union is your destiny. Your twin flame is your home.

Take care on this sacred journey.

Much love,

Robyn x


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Every Twin Flame relationship is unique and can’t be simplified, but there is a common thread, a general pattern of the Twin Flame journey.

It can be an intense, overwhelming and painful experience all in one. You may not even know you are on a Twin Flame journey until much later when you go through your own spiritual awakening and start to question why the love you feel never dies.

Heck, you may have never heard of the expression ‘Twin Flames’!

The theory was born from ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, who first created the idea of souls ‘split in two’ that eternally yearn to find their ‘other halves.’ (Maybe this is where the term ‘my other half’ comes from!)

The Twin Flame journey is a profound one, elevating twins to their highest potential and to a deeply fulfilling union.

Here are the stages of the Twin Flame journey…

 1. Meeting Your Twin Flame

When you meet your Twin Flame you experience an intense attraction for one another, an instant magnetic pull. The strong connection is undeniable, but you may be completely oblivious to the term and concept of ‘Twin Flames’. You fall deeply and madly in love.

 2. Separation

Outer turmoil and internal conflict, mostly from childhood wounds, come to the surface that leads to separation. Not all Twin Flames separate, but commonly they do for healing and growth that is required independently of the relationship. Separation can last years.

 3. Chaser/Runner

This is the most difficult and painful stage, where one soul ‘runs’, creating both physical and emotional distance. Separation remains dependent on each person’s emotional and soulful maturity. Both twins have emotional wounds to heal, paths to walk, karmic relationships to have and lessons to learn.

 4. Spiritual Awakening

Through the heartache and pain, the dark night of the soul, comes a spiritual awakening and often an awareness of the Twin Flame connection. During this stage, wounds are healed and lessons are learned about the self as well as the other. Egos dissolve and the Twin Flame energy becomes stronger and the love further deepens.

 5. Soulful Reunion Occurs

The power of love rules and Twin Flames come together once more. Reunion is an intense attraction from a soul level and the love they share is transformational and unbreakable. Twin Flames come into an authentic, fulfilling and awakened relationship based on mutual respect and unconditional love.

Twin Flames find a shared meaning and passion in mutual interests that bring a sense of fulfilment. Virtues such as forgiveness, understanding, empathy and patience are learned and shared and two people, twin souls, experience the sense of ‘oneness’.

I wish you well on your Twin Flame journey! Remember, it's all about YOU and your growth.

Much love,

Robyn x

Divorce and separation as a couple on a broken fading bridge flying away as a divided relationship concept with 3D illustration elements.Ever wondered if your relationship is meant to go the distance?

The relationships we have are not always with soulmates that are healing in nature, often they are with karmic partners that aren’t meant to last.

What is a karmic relationship?

Most of us are likely to have experienced at least one karmic relationship, or sometimes several!

A karmic relationship is a relationship that was destined, but rather than for the purpose of coming together in harmonious love like Twin Flames, it is a union that pushes your buttons and becomes toxic by nature.

Karmic relationships are temporary and are designed to guide you and teach you, to clear karma from previous lives or previous relationships.

Karmic relationships are about growth, not perfect union where you grow together.

Signs you are in a karmic relationship:

1. There’s an instant attraction.

This instant connection can be mistaken for a soulmate relationship.

2. There are warning signs, red flags, at the beginning.

These triggers are the very lessons the relationship is meant to teach you.

3. They are frustrating.

If you are frustrated and feel misunderstood then you are likely to be in a karmic relationship.

4. They bring out your dark side.

Karmic relationships are volatile and filled with drama. They will bring out the worst in you, turning you into someone you don’t recognise or even like.

5. You are triggered just in their presence.

Just being around them can trigger great irritation and intolerance. You instantly feel heavy and your mood changes for what appears no reason at all.

6. There’s a lot of miscommunication.

Rarely are karmic partners on the same page and able to communicate effectively, sparking stress, tension and frustration.

7. They are consistently inconsistent.

There are highs and lows as the karmic relationship rides an emotional rollercoaster, but there is a part of you that deep down knows it’s not going to go the distance.

8. They’re repetitive.

The problems that exist become cyclical and repetitive in nature and they never really get resolved. (Due to the abovementioned miscommunication.)

9. They become co-dependent.

Karmic relationships have a tendency of becoming co-dependent, making it difficult to separate and move on.

10. They highlight your fears.

Due to the nature of lessons required to be learnt from a karmic relationships, your fears are highlighted. Fears about moving on, your future and because children are often born from karmic relationships, your children.

11. They don’t last.

Karmic relationships don’t last. If they do, it is because one or both partners are not learning their lessons or are too scared to move forward.

Being in a karmic relationship will lead you to your lessons for growth. Being in a soulmate or Twin Flame relationship will lead you to your healing.

If you find yourself in a karmic relationship, or recovering from one, realise that you deserve to be happy and take it as an opportunity to practice self-love and focus on the relationship you have with yourself moving forward.

Identify and work through whatever lessons present themselves and you’ll be ready for a love that lasts life times.

Live your happiest life,

Robyn x

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The inability to forgive is an inability to heal; it blocks spiritual growth and drains vital energy from our souls. Forgiveness is much easier said than done, but to truly move forward it is essential. To allow anger and resentment to reside in our hearts and minds means we are remaining the victim of those who have wronged us. Forgiveness takes strength and determination.

Here are 15 tips on forgiveness:

1. Life is not always fair, neither are people. Do not expect others to behave or treat people how you would.

2. You have every right to feel angry, hurt, sad, resentful, betrayed etc. Accept, understand and express your feelings. Suppressing your feelings only means they will erupt at another time.

3. Forgiveness does not mean maintaining a relationship with someone who has wronged you, or conceding that their actions are ok. Forgiveness is establishing acceptable boundaries.

4. To forgive others, learn to forgive yourself. Self-forgiveness cleanses the soul, washing away shame and guilt.

5. If you find it hard to forgive your parents for imperfect parenting remember they were shaped by the way they were parented as were their parents and so on.

6. Being forgiving is being resilient enough to recover. Forgiveness heals your pain.

Blog 44 250x250Telepathy is a phenomenon by which mind to mind communication occurs. This mental communication, a transference of thought from one mind to another regardless of distance, is based on emotions, feelings, sensations, images and desires. This skill is not only reserved for psychics and mediums when connecting with spirit, you too can communicate telepathically!

Telepathic communication occurs when the mind and body is in a relaxed state and is most likely to happen between people who have had a significant connection to one another. To send a message to someone it is important to hold them in your thoughts and visualise their image. Picture an imaginary path for your communication to travel and believe it will reach its destination. Emotions are powerful so emotionally charge your thought, feeling or desire to the person you want to communicate with.

Deep meditation makes communication with spirit guides and passed over loved ones possible where conversations are exchanged via thought form. Telepathy also occurs in our dreams as well as in the relaxed state just before we fall asleep when it is possible to transmit our thoughts and feelings to another person purely through heightened extra-sensory awareness.

Having a child with a disability is one of the most heartbreaking challenges a parent can face. Parents only ever want their children to be healthy, happy and live a life better than the one they had themselves. When a child is born with, or later develops, a disability it is natural for parents to experience profound anguish and anger at life and the universe. Why would this happen to an innocent child they love so much? The pain can be unbearable, parental relationships come undone due to the stress and they commonly blame themselves or each other for ‘faulty’ genes.

However, ultimately this has nothing to do with genetics. It has everything to do with the life planned of the soul before birth and if a soul planned to experience a life with a disability then they would have coordinated their life blueprints with the souls of their parents to be. In the search for discovering the real meaning of the lives we planned before we were born, what does this experience offer that makes such suffering worthwhile from the perspective of the soul?

From the perspective of the personality, this experience may appear to be a huge burden, but on a soul level the parents know their chosen life lessons are entrenched in this difficult challenge. Despite the pain and broken hearts that come with it, their lessons involve patience, empathy, compassion, truthful communication and determination. A forced responsibility that requires building a sense of self, the need for a never give up attitude and a more focused life that leads to greater meaning and satisfaction. It reconfirms the parent’s inner strength and gives them a greater understanding of what is worth worrying about and what is not.