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Here's what clients have had to say about their experiences:

  • "Robyn has such a gentle, nurturing nature about her. She provided such a safe place for me to unpack and reveal the blocks to deep issues that have plagued me. I was able to get to the cause of inaccurate beliefs stored deep in my unconscious mind and release them. I can now see the truth from my soul’s perspective and have the ability to attract the life I desire. My intention in working with Robyn was to attract my Sacred Soul partner into my life and with the tools Robyn used to assist me, I was able to understand why he wasn’t in my life. Now I can see a clear path to a beautiful future with the love of my life, knowing it won’t be long before he joins. Thank you Robyn, I am so appreciative of your caring kindness in allowing me to step back into more truth of who I am. I am so excited for my future knowing I have the tools to get through any challenge that blocks my path. I feel like a totally different woman since doing Soulistic Healing with you. I feel so peaceful, confident and worthy of great things. Thank you for showing me the way."
    Deanne Sunshine Coast, Qld
  • "I connected with Robyn at a time in my life where I was unable to process anything anymore. I had been through another major loss in my life and my mind, body and spirit had had enough. Robyn was able to make me think again and feel again and be the mother to my children that I want to be. I have been able to overcome so much personal trauma working with Robyn and I really look forward to what the future now holds for me."
    Stacey Victor Harbor, SA
  • "I am a 50-year-old single father who has known life’s ups and downs like most. Like many people I have never really been truly happy despite having so many great things in my life. After knowing Robyn for over 10 years, including working as colleagues and having the same Spiritual outlooks I decided to take a closer look at Regression Therapy and what Robyn was offering. After some reflection and Soul searching, I decided to take the plunge. I can truly say that from the get-go, I found Robyn to be safe, engaging, professional and above all non-judgemental. At all times Robyn was very clear on the process, goals and potential outcomes. As a middle-aged man opening up about areas of life I haven’t shared with many, brought up many emotions and feelings that both frightened and gave me cause for caution. However, Robyn’s easy-going nature mixed with an acute perceptive intuition instantly allayed my fears which made the whole experience an enjoyable one. Don’t get me wrong, this journey is not an easy one and if you are only half-hearted or not really sure if you’re ready to look deep into what is holding you back, I wouldn’t recommend it until you are. I’d like to personally thank Robyn for her guidance and advice and would like others who are considering working with her to know it is worth every cent."
    Stewart Adelaide, SA
  • “Several weeks ago I did some work with Robyn around ‘negative beliefs’. For all my life time & money have been my nemesis. I was raised in the 1950s by parents who seemed to never have enough of either and I have always had a real battle to stay on top of these with my own family and career paths. Over three sessions Robyn took me back into my subconscious to where these time & money issues may have started. It actually turned out there were a couple of other issues we uncovered that were at the root of my beliefs and which were ultimately the foundation of my time & money issues. Along with the sessions, she gave me a couple of exercises to do and WOW, how liberating life has been ever since! The negative beliefs are now gone and replaced with the true knowledge of who I really am and what my purpose is all about. I thank you so much Robyn for being the catalyst in this process. Many, many thanks again, Robyn.”
    Malcolm Sunshine Coast, Qld
  • "Robyn Way is a refreshing, beautiful lady who over recent weeks has been working with me on many levels with many issues, starting with an ongoing 7 year meth addiction, anxiety, depression, guilt and lack of self-worth etc etc etc. Robyn has helped me navigate my way through these issues, with her tools of trade. I am an open minded person who has sought help and support from mainstream professionals to alternative healers over many years, with some success, but I must say my journey with this lady has been very profound!!I have my life back with a clearer understanding of my issues and the demons of my past. Even with the challenges of life still ahead I can see I will have great life moving into the future.She is a warm, caring, trusting and patient woman, thank you again Robyn."
    Wayne Sunshine Coast, Qld
  • “I originally contacted Robyn for a Past Life Regression and after talking to her decided to do what she calls her ‘Soulistic Healing’ package. Omg, this is a journey like nothing else. All sorts of childhood stuff came up to be healed and released and the past life was so interesting, I’m still thinking about it!! Robyn made me feel so comfortable and made herself available between sessions when I had a couple of hiccups. This is the best decision I have ever made. I feel lighter and happier and Robyn has given me some lifelong tools to overcome any future hurdles as well as tools to continue healing and transforming my life for good. If you want to change your life, go and see Robyn. Thank you Robyn, I am so very grateful.”
    Hannah Caloundra, Qld
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