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Know Yourself, Heal Yourself

Break The Pattern

Does your heart ache for something missing in your life?

Are you caught in a cycle of pain and frustration that leaves knots in your stomach?

Are you truly living life on your terms or is something standing in your way?

Sometimes we can be marching through life and overcoming personal hurdles, yet there is just something lingering that is stopping us from breaking all our old patterns.

I totally get it. I have been there myself  a number of times. Here is one example of something that was standing in my way...

Through one single past life regression, I discovered an ancient past life in America where I was a Native American Cherokee woman. My son, Tom, (in this life) was also my child in this particular previous life. I was working in the fields and had him in a basket beside me as a baby when he was stolen from me.

This event was the cause of a deep rooted fear of having my children kidnapped in this life. The fear had an extreme and irrational emotional response that would have me get up in the middle of the night to check they were still in their beds. I would have a physical reaction to this fear that would tighten my chest, rapidly increase my heartbeat and shorten my breath.

It was time to break the pattern.

It was time to dissolve the fear!

The knowledge and understanding that this past life regression brought about didn't just allow me to let go of these dysfunctional thoughts, they let go of me!

The experience was a profound insight into my psyche and irrational beliefs, after which I no longer feel the need to check on my children in the middle of the night!

I am now able to produce much healthier emotional responses (and get a better night’s sleep!), it is that simple.

This two-session package is ideal to dissolve fears, anxiety and untruths for greater insight, joy and harmony!

This package is designed to uncover the main reason for your presenting problem, your current emotional experience, and then better know how to deal with it so that you can move forward in a powerful way.

Using Regression Therapy, we’ll uncover the main triggering event so that you can finally recognise the root cause of the problem.

Through this process, we can identify dysfunctional thoughts that create negative patterns of feelings and behaviours.

This results in self-understanding and self-knowledge that leads to more clarity, motivation and peace of mind.

The Know Yourself, Heal Yourself package includes:

  • A 60-minute consult that focuses on your presenting emotions and feelings around your current experience and what may be standing in your way of moving forward.
  • An Action Plan based on identifying automatic thoughts and their emotional responses, so that you can begin to integrate a new awareness around your inner dialogue, and replace old, self-defeating thoughts, behaviours and beliefs with more positive, helpful ones.
  • A 90-minute 1:1 Skype consult and healing session with childhood or past-life regression so that we can pinpoint the origin of your issue and identify the perceptions and feelings caused by past events that have an effect on your current situation.

This two-session package is for you if you’re ready to rewire core beliefs  that are, maybe unknowingly, still impacting your thoughts and behaviours today.


Break unhelpful patterns by dissolving dysfunctional beliefs underlying the cause of your behaviours.

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression while increasing your self-confidence and self-worth to feel more optimistic and motivated about your life.

Get started now!

    • Know Yourself, Heal Yourself Package
    • Payment is required in advance.
      As the amount is in US Dollars, payment is possible via credit card with PayPal.
    • $270 USD


know yourself heal yourself

Client Testimonials

“I had no idea what to expect as I had never experienced hypnosis before, but from the first session Robyn made me feel relaxed, heard and understood. The regression itself was incredible and I was able to release so much anger and stress from times in my childhood when I was mistreated, and made to feel unloved and unwanted. The significant thing that happened, though, was that from my now-adult perspective, I was able to see the situation more clearly and understand the part others played and why they behaved the way they did. This experience has given me the tools to continue to release any unwanted emotions when negative memories are triggered. This has been a really valuable experience for my healing journey.” ~ Sam, Sunshine Coast

    • Know Yourself, Heal Yourself Package
    • Payment is required in advance.
      As the amount is in US Dollars, payment is possible via credit card with PayPal.
    • $270 USD