Heal your Heart

Break The Pattern

Are you carrying grief and sadness in your heart?
Are you missing and longing for a deep soulmate connection?

Intimate relationships can be the most challenging of them all.

They bring out our deepest insecurities, our biggest fears and they trigger our biggest emotions! 

But, the pain that is being exposed does not come from the relationship itself. It comes from something buried deep within from our past.

Our relationships mirror those from our past, from our childhood, from the relationships that were formed from our earliest caregivers, most likely our parents.

They become patterns.

The emotional traumas that we experience go unhealed and we subconsciously attract a partner we think is going to fill a void, fix the wound.

However, it is most likely the partner you attract is doing exactly the same thing! So there ends up being two people coming together from a place of lack, a place of wounding.

It is only when we learn how to fill our own void, by healing our inner wounds, that we can attract a relationship that is healthy and whole.

Who doesn't want love? 

Our bodies long for human touch. 

As babies, if we aren't held and touched, we fail to thrive. 

As adults, a lack of touch and human connection can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, illness and feelings of loneliness, isolation, shame, guilt and regret. 

Don't you dream of a love where you dare to be vulnerable and feel brave enough to be your authentic self? 

It is important to know that the gateway to this kind of love is through learning to love yourself.

True love begins with self-love. 

And to do that, you need to do the inner work. Yes, the only way out is in! The good news is though, that it is absolutely possible. 

This is how...

The Heal your Heart 2 session package includes:

  • A heart healing regression to heal relationship wounds and identify the origin of your relationship pattern from early childhood.
  • Identifying false beliefs about yourself and creating healthier new ones.
  • A 'future self' meditation session.
  • Dissolving all negative thoughts and feelings about EVERYTHING!
  • Breaking old patterns of attracting the wrong type of partner.
  • Liberating yourself from your emotional baggage.

This two-session package is for you if you are ready to dissolve the patterns and blocks standing in the way of you attracting your divine intimate companion.

Believe in love, believe in soulmates! 

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      Heal your heart, make space for true love!
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