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Some people marry their childhood sweetheart and live happily ever after.

Some people stay in unhealthy, long term relationships.

Some people have several karmic relationships for important lessons to learn and wounds to heal.

Some people don’t fall into relationships at all.

Whatever the scenario, it is all a part of the master plan.

For those of you who find yourself stuck in a pattern of attracting the same type of partner and for those relationships not to work out, here’s why.

When you talk about a ‘type’ you think about physical features, like ‘tall, dark and handsome’, yet the type you attract comes down to more subtle characteristics and traits.

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Twin Flame separation is a necessary part of the Twin Flame journey.

Twin Flames will come into union, separate and then be guided back to one another.

This reunion happens when both twins have learnt important life lessons, when they have been put on the path of self-mastery.

They don’t have to have completely mastered themselves, but they do need to be in a position where they can take care of each other on a soul level and ascend together.

Reunion is profound and passionate.

Separation is purposeful.

The deep love and connection becomes evident during the separation stage, most often after a painful spiritual awakening.

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The most common thing I see as a therapist is my clients having a deep seated belief that they aren’t good enough and this usually stems from being deprived of the love they needed as a child.

This leads to behaving from within a painful framework of loss, one which unconsciously shapes your personality and identity.

The way you survive your early years from a place of feeling unworthy of love, of not being good enough, becomes your path of awakening later in life when you realise you can no longer exist from within that place of grief and loss.

An extension from not feeling good enough or worthy of love, is feeling disconnected from others, from feeling undeserving of even being here, to feeling like ‘I don’t matter.’

You cannot heal this emotional trauma from affirmations alone.

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If you are knowingly on a Twin Flame (or deep soul connection) journey, then you have most likely experienced what is known as a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, a dark place where your world has collapsed, you’ve lost meaning to life, maybe even experienced a dark depression.

This is, in fact, the beginning of a deep spiritual awakening. What collapses is the conceptual framework around the meaning you give to your life and when you eventually emerge from the darkness you do so with a transformed state of consciousness.

You awaken to something deeper; you have a deeper sense of connection to yourself and to something bigger than life that is not dependent on any explanation or theoretical ideology.

It is the death of the ego. A re-birthing of the soul.

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Every Twin Flame relationship is unique and can’t be simplified, but there is a common thread, a general pattern of the Twin Flame journey.

It can be an intense, overwhelming and painful experience all in one. You may not even know you are on a Twin Flame journey until much later when you go through your own spiritual awakening and start to question why the love you feel never dies.

Heck, you may have never heard of the expression ‘Twin Flames’!

The theory was born from ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, who first created the idea of souls ‘split in two’ that eternally yearn to find their ‘other halves.’ (Maybe this is where the term ‘my other half’ comes from!)

The Twin Flame journey is a profound one, elevating twins to their highest potential and to a deeply fulfilling union.

Here are the stages of the Twin Flame journey…

 1. Meeting Your Twin Flame

When you meet your Twin Flame you experience an intense attraction for one another, an instant magnetic pull. The strong connection is undeniable, but you may be completely oblivious to the term and concept of ‘Twin Flames’. You fall deeply and madly in love.

Divorce and separation as a couple on a broken fading bridge flying away as a divided relationship concept with 3D illustration elements.Ever wondered if your relationship is meant to go the distance?

The relationships we have are not always with soulmates that are healing in nature, often they are with karmic partners that aren’t meant to last.

What is a karmic relationship?

Most of us are likely to have experienced at least one karmic relationship, or sometimes several!

A karmic relationship is a relationship that was destined, but rather than for the purpose of coming together in harmonious love like Twin Flames, it is a union that pushes your buttons and becomes toxic by nature.

Karmic relationships are temporary and are designed to guide you and teach you, to clear karma from previous lives or previous relationships.

Karmic relationships are about growth, not perfect union where you grow together.