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Self-knowledge is the gateway to your inner peace.

It leads to a better understanding of your emotions and behaviours, what causes them and what their purpose is for your own personal growth.

With this knowledge and understanding you can recognise the lessons being presented and empower yourself to overcome life’s emotional challenges.

Here’s a short list of common emotions and behaviours and what they are teaching you.

Fear – shows a negative outlook towards something you don’t understand or an uncertainty towards the unknown. Fear is teaching you courage and mental strength.

Bitterness – shows where you are holding onto hurt and where you need to heal. It demonstrates that you are holding judgements on others for the injustice you’ve experienced. Bitterness is teaching you forgiveness.

Resentment – shows an inability to move on from a painful event or wrongdoing and demonstrates you are living in the past. Resentment is teaching you to let go and be present by living in the here and now.

Guilt – shows that you are living your life based on the expectations of what others think you should do and how you should act. Guilt is teaching you to live by your own beliefs and principles.

Shame – shows that you are internalising other people’s beliefs about who you are and who you should be. It may also demonstrate a feeling of personal failure towards meeting your own ideals and expectations. Shame is teaching you to let go of regret, self-loathing and humiliation.

Anxiety – shows you that you are either stuck in the past, living in fear of the future or both. Anxiety is teaching you to trust in the flow and the process of life by being mindfully present.

Anger – shows you your own vulnerability and hidden hurts, hates and fear. It demonstrates to you that something has to change. Anger is teaching you forgiveness, compassion and self-control.

Irritation – exposes personal trigger points that can cause other negative emotions such as frustration, anger and aggression. Irritation is teaching you patience and tolerance.

Loneliness – shows you that you are feeling emotionally isolated. It can be attributed to sadness, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Loneliness is teaching you emotional independence and self-regulation.

Heartbreak – shows you that you have loved deeply and that you understand the complexities of loving someone and being loved. It demonstrates that no matter how much you have suffered, love still exists. Heartbreak is teaching you acceptance and self-love.

Every emotion has a physical component which resides in your body somewhere.

The physical side of emotional turmoil may involve a feeling of numbness, feeling sick in the stomach, a tight chest, headaches, tension in the shoulders, muscular aches and pains or shallow breathing.

When we begin to work through our emotional pain we also start to heal physically.

Whatever emotional challenge confronts you is actually a lesson in recognising an opportunity for personal growth.

Much love,

Robyn x