Further Insight
addiction cycle wheel

Substance addiction is one of the most common of life challenges.

It is an act of numbing the pain and escaping raw emotions due to the fear of confronting the real problems and issues that are being presented.

It can be soul destroying, but also soul defining.

From the concept of pre-birth planning, a search for the deeper purpose of the experience can ease the pain of those directly and indirectly affected.

Learning that life challenges are planned enables you to adopt a completely new perspective, shedding negative emotions such as regret, remorse and sadness.

Over time our souls experience it all; perpetrator, victim, poverty, wealth, good health, alcoholism, drug addiction, everything!

(For this reason alone we could all do with being less judgmental and more compassionate.)

It’s hard to imagine why souls would plan to reincarnate either as an addict, a loving parent of an addict or even as a child born to a parent with a drug addiction.

However, this is a conscious choice for whatever the soul needs to learn this time around for their desired growth.

A soul who chooses the life challenge of drug addiction may do so to learn self-love, self-nurturing, forgiveness, how to release guilt, how to overcome fear and how not to live in the past.

A parent of an addict may choose this path to learn lessons of compassion, unconditional love, understanding and support.

OR, because of previous lessons already learnt, they may choose this life challenge simply because they have the tools to assist the addict, not because they need to reincarnate into this experience.

The courageous choice of a soul who chooses to be born to a drug addicted parent may have done so to experience a polar opposite of a previous incarnation or to resolve karmic matter.

It may be an intense and devastatingly short experience on Earth or the desired growth could be that of independence, self-love and the ability to take their pain and use it to help others when they are mature enough to do so.

Do not let life challenges be completely overwhelming, life is not hopeless, there is a silver-lining.

The intricate details of life happen in perfect order for your soul to experience the gift of knowledge and the gift of wisdom.

However, if you do not make the choice to learn the lessons being presented in life’s challenges, they will continue to repeat themselves in this life or the next.

The potential of your soul is unlimited; it is up to you to change your life.

Much love,

Robyn x