Further Insight

I have previously written about how children choose their parents and their parents choose them as part of the pre-birth planning process, but what about adopted children?

Do adopted children and their adoptive parents make the same choices?

If so, why would a soul, prior to birth, plan to be adopted?

Children who are adopted suffer emotional consequences such as feeling angry towards their birth parents, feeling a lack of self-confidence and a lack of self-worth for being given up along with experiencing identity and belonging issues.

So, if a soul did choose to be adopted how do these feelings foster a soul’s evolution?

There are several reasons a soul may choose to be adopted.

It is possible they know the souls of their adoptive parents, who may not be able to have children in that particular life, and they deeply long to be reunited with them.

While the child will still suffer the consequences of being adopted, they will heal quicker as there is a deeper soul connection with the adoptive family.

Alternatively, a soul may choose to right a wrong from a previous life where they caused pain and hurt to another and have agreed to experience pain themselves.

This is not a form of punishment, but more a balancing of karma.

The birth mother and child are likely to have karmic matter from previous lives and have agreed to this situation for each of their own spiritual growth.

The birth mother may have had to go through the pain, grief and remorse of giving up her baby to balance her own karma or to learn lessons of sexual control or family responsibility, in fact the lesson of responsibility could well have involved the decision to adopt her child out for a life she could not give him or her.

When we plan certain challenges prior to birth it is also planned that those experiences will instill within us the very qualities we need to heal. Our soul, our blueprint, contains fundamental traits vital to our healing.

Souls that choose to be adopted may have a quest for emotional independence or their life lesson may be to overcome a sense of unworthiness and adoption was how they chose this lesson to be presented.

Adopted children will likely face deep internal struggles to overcome their feelings of anger, lack of self-worth, confusion and sense of loss.

Life can dish up some pretty harsh lessons, but to search for the deeper meaning of these challenges and to make the choice to heal takes courage and to do so will inevitably result in tremendous healing on a spiritual, soul level.

Much love, 

Robyn x