Further Insight

To change we have to acknowledge that we have the power within us to create problems, but more importantly we have the power to resolve them.

Wanting change and working towards it are two different things.

Here is a short list of behaviours stopping you from living the life you want and the life you deserve.

Resistance comes in the forms of:

Excuses – excuses are delaying tactics such as ‘I’ll do it later.’, ‘As soon as I get through…’, ‘The time isn’t right.’.

If you are really ready for change, the time is NOW. Setting goals to overcome personal problems later, down the track or next year is simply a resistance tactic.

Assumptions ‘It’s no use me trying, it won’t work.’, ‘No one can help me.’,

Assuming things of others is only justifying your own resistance without the proof to support it. Assumptions place limits on your imagination and shut off many possibilities. You stay in your comfort zone without breaking new ground.

Impatience – we all want results immediately; however, our life lessons are never easy. If they were easy they would not be lessons, they would be things we already know and do.

To learn the lesson presented to us and reach a solution we need to take it step by step. Quite often what we want to change is a negative behaviour or pattern that has been deeply buried within us for some time.

Healing is a process, not a quick fix, and we need to have a plan.

Limiting beliefs – our beliefs are certainly a form of resistance to change. ‘I don’t believe in it.’, ‘It’s not worth it.’, ‘It will take too long.’, ‘It’s just the way my life is.’.

All of these beliefs are resistance to our ability to open our minds to endless possibilities. For real change to take place often the first thing that needs to change is our beliefs.

Denial ‘There is nothing I can do about this problem.’, ‘What good will it do anyway?’.

Denial is like putting the brakes on the mind so any possibility of expanded awareness and personal growth is halted.

If you are in denial about your problems then nothing will change! Unfortunately, problems do not go away by themselves.

Fear – the biggest resistance of them all! Fear is simply worrying about the unknown, which is pretty silly when you think about it. Our imaginations run wild and we create our own fear.

The biggest indicator of fear-based resistance is self-statements like ‘I’m not ready yet.’, ‘I might fail.’, ‘I’m going to have to change.’, ‘I don’t have the energy.’, ‘It’s too hard.’, ‘I’m afraid to express my feelings.’, ‘I don’t trust anyone.’, ‘I’m not good enough.’ and the list goes on.

Do you recognise any of these as ways you may resist?

Resistance is a choice, our thoughts are a choice and our thoughts create our experiences.

If you choose to think it is difficult to change a habit or behaviour then so it will be. If you choose to think that you are able to change your life then so you WILL.

In order for true healing to occur we cannot clear symptoms without dissolving the cause.

We cannot dissolve the cause without choosing to think we can.

Our minds are our most powerful tools.

Surrender to change…unfold, undo and become truly you.

Much love,

Robyn x