Further Insight

Through his extensive work, Dr Michael Newton has identified three different groups of soulmates.

These include Affiliated Souls’, who are generally acquaintances associated with us to teach us a karmic lesson, ‘Companion Soulmates’ who are often our siblings, our children or good friends who are actively taking part in our physical life and ‘Primary Soulmates’ who are most often a deeply bonded partner or lover.

Primary soulmates are two people who are connected eternally by their love for one another and come around together, life after life, with lessons for each other that teach personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Destiny dictates when soulmates will meet, but one thing is for sure… we will meet them.

What happens after two soulmates meet is no longer fateful; it becomes a matter of choice and one of the most important moments in our lives.

Unfortunately, many people don’t recognise this until after the choice has been made. The right choice is an opportunity realised and can bring two hearts and two souls together in a union of profound happiness.

However, there are many reasons soulmates may not remain together; the important karmic lessons in their reunion may have been learnt and it’s time to go their own way or their greatest life’s lessons are better learnt on separate paths.

One thing is for sure, without a greater understanding, parting from a soulmate can result in long term suffering and heartache.

A client, who I will call Anna, had an ex-boyfriend who she loved more than she had loved anyone else.

Anna was very young when they fell in love and after they split up she went on her journey of self-discovery and essentially growing into her own while he moved on, married someone else and had a family of his own.

This led to years of loneliness and suffering and many failed relationships, but it also resulted in great personal growth and inner strength along with a determination to create her own happiness and success.

Anna’s love for this man and curiosity about the deep connection she felt towards him never disappeared and she came to see me to gain insight into her continual feelings towards him.

During a past life regression, she discovered they were in fact married in a previous life, going back as far as the late 1400s in England during Tudor times. They were blissfully happy with a family of their own.

This knowledge of having loved him for many lifetimes gave her the understanding that this life was not the end, regardless of whether they would be together again or not.

The belief in this connection enabled her to forge ahead with her own life and not dwell in the past where thoughts of being with him could ignite heartache and pain.

Another client, I will call Viv, had a very similar love story.

Viv loved a man deeply and while they were in each other’s lives, it was not in the capacity she desired, yet she knew their relationship ran deeper than just the physical attraction.

During this regression she discovered their love went as far back as the 5th Century and as she lay on her death bed, she recognised him as the doctor standing beside her. This immediately caused an emotional release as he held her hand, stroked her face and told her everything was going to be ok.

Their souls silently exchanged the greatest of love and Viv soon realised that this man she loved greatly, also loved her. However, in this lifetime he was stuck in a place he was unwilling to move out of, even when he remained miserable.

This is a very common scenario as people can feel closed and scared of their true heart’s calling and they often feel locked into their current situation.

Sadly, this prevents soulmates reuniting in great love and deep bliss, blocked by FEAR!

Past life regression therapy helps identify soulmates as significant others in previous lives, they may not look the same, but your heart knows them.

You instantly feel that intense love and your deep, present day knowing of the undeniable love for the other is confirmed as something more forceful than that of only a physical nature.

This can be a very healing experience as you bathe in the powerful love and adoration you have for each other and leads to a deep knowing that if you are not together again in this life because of external influences or wrong choices, you will be reunited again in another life.

Our emotional responses to others are perfect lessons for personal growth.

We cannot control the actions of others, but we can choose our own thoughts and actions and with a greater understanding of ourselves and our situation we can make better choices and maintain healthier thought patterns.

Believe in love. Believe in destiny. Believe in soulmates.

Much love,

Robyn x