Further Insight

Have you heard of soul contracts?

It can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around, but prior to birth we have extensive discussions with our spiritual elders and soul group who we will reincarnate with.

These discussions are soul agreements about what lessons we are to learn in the next life and how we are going to learn them.

All the significant moments, relationships, events are predetermined as lessons to learn on the path of our spiritual evolution, especially the most challenging and painful ones.

The concept of planning your life before birth can be difficult to understand.

Why would we agree to experience such trauma and devastating loss that some people experience over and over in a lifetime?

Why would a soul agree to such painful challenges?

Simply questioning why you would have planned your own experiences gives new meaning to life challenges and launches a journey of self-discovery.

Pre-birth planning is intricate and detailed and goes well beyond the planning of life’s most difficult moments.

We choose our bodies, our parents (and they choose us during their own soul planning process), our names, when and where we will reincarnate, the people we will meet and the relationships we will have.

If you have ever had that feeling of knowing someone you have just met it is likely they are part of your soul group and were part of your pre-birth planning.

The feeling of déjà vu is often accurately attributed to past life memories or memories of pre-birth planning.

Traumatic and painful experiences that affect the very core of who you are can shift your focus from the physical (personality/body) to the spiritual (soul) and this expansion of yourself, while it may not completely take away the pain, can ease the suffering.

These spiritual awakenings serve to identify the purpose and profound benefits of life challenges.

If you have been faced with a rocky road and a difficult life, it is not always the sign of unresolved karmic matter. Your willingness to embark on this life that your soul planned has taken tremendous courage.

Seeking the deeper meaning of your challenges and deciding to heal is fulfilling the lessons of your soul contract.

We will not have experiences that don't contribute to our growth or that we haven't agreed to, and lessons learned will not be presented again.

Much love,

Robyn x