Further Insight

 Do you remember your dreams?!

Not everybody does, however we all dream several times a night.

Our dreams are closely related to our emotions and in a dream state our subconscious minds (right brain) give full rein to these emotions while our left brain, that is analytical and logical, remains mostly inactive.

Depending on our emotional state in our waking lives, our dreams enable us to fulfil our wishes and desires without the interference of reasoning or reality and, on the other hand, the reflections of our fears result in nightmares and anxiety provoking dreams.

Your dreams, intuition and highest wisdom are generated by the right hemisphere of the brain where your subconscious resides.

Your subconscious mind is a place of complete resourcefulness… all of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, experiences and memories (including past life memories) are stored here and this is where you can find answers and solutions to presenting problems.

In a dream state the mind is more receptive to messages from your higher self, as the body has surrendered all conscious control and you are literally left open minded.

Your higher mind is free to express itself in the form of symbolic images and messages that reflect what is going on in your waking life.

However, many people have limited beliefs about who they really are and consider life to be nothing more than what they are conscious of, i.e. their thoughts, beliefs, feelings and perceptions.

They live their lives restricted by a conscious awareness that only reflects what they can see on the surface, unaware of the abyss of powerful information that lies beneath.

Sigmund Freud’s model of the psyche is as relevant now as it was 100 years ago and his theories led to likening the mind to an iceberg; the conscious mind being a small 10% that is easily and readily available and the other 90%, the subconscious mind, an endless resource of information just waiting to reveal the true essence and capacity of our real selves.

Your dreams may not be clear to begin with, but once you dig deeper you can usually relate these experiences based on a common intense emotion or thought process in your waking life.

Self-reflective awareness enables you to really get to the bottom of what is going on in your life with greater clarity and understanding.

This internal exploration leads to significant psycho-spiritual growth.

Dreams can release suppressed emotions, be the source of great insights and revelations and they can also offer guidance to resolve certain issues in your waking life.

As human beings, we are extremely multi-faceted and by learning to interpret your dreams you are expanding the awareness of yourself which leaves you rich with knowledge and wisdom.

Your soul, your highest self, is your own personal professor and primary healer and this internal communication can literally change your life!

Sweet Dreams,

Robyn x