Further Insight

Our consciousness, our soul, continues to exist after death.

So where do our souls go and what do they do?

Who greets them on the ‘other side’?


There has been wide research, insights and case studies provided on the journey of souls by several reliable and credible sources including Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Michael Newton, Andy Tomlinson, Ian Lawton and other leading pioneers in the modern methodologies of Regression Therapy.

In Western society the belief that death is final can be a great obstacle in the healing process.

Instead of shying away from sharing what I know and understand, my intention is to share the wonders of the spirit world (as best I can) for others to gain a greater perspective of the incredible sense of order and planning that occurs for our soul’s purpose before each lifetime.

When a person dies the soul leaves the physical body and after leaving the Earth’s plane, they travel through a spectrum of light to be met by their spirit guides and, commonly, a loving soulmate to assist in the transition from human being to intelligent light source.

My own spiritual regression experience involved travelling through a portal of brilliant light with a prism of colours to be met by silhouette energy fields emerging from a misty fog that I intuitively knew to be my spirit guides.

A life review takes place before a soul is reunited with their soul group, souls we reincarnate with time after time. There is no hell for souls, other than perhaps on Earth if a person has experienced an extremely difficult life.

In this case, their soul will return home tired and in need of rest before reunification.

If a person has acted with evil intention while on Earth then their soul will be required to be cleansed and modified before reconnecting with their soul group (it is also possible their next life will involve being the victim of evil).

There is a dual capacity of all souls where part of our light energy remains in the spirit world. This makes it possible to identify our soul group even if members are still living or have reincarnated.

Soul groups can range between 3 to 25 members and during my spiritual regression I experienced eleven souls in my soul group that consisted of family members, my children, a significant past boyfriend and even a childhood friend who I haven’t spoken to in decades.

During this experience I knew exactly the lesson each member of my soul group was here to teach me in this life. The experience was immediately enlightening, enormously joyful and intensely humbling.

During our spiritual homecoming we also go before a council of spiritual Elders. For me this consisted of three advanced souls and an all-knowing presence of a much more powerful being.

This is a discussion from a place of absolute love, tolerance, patience and kindness to determine how karmic matter can be resolved in the next life. These soul lessons even include the purposeful selection of a body and the level of difficulty the next life will entail in order to meet these personal goals.

Finally, as discovered by the works of Dr Michael Newton, a soul is energetically transported to join their assigned host body in the womb of the baby’s mother after the third month of pregnancy where they are still able to think as immortal souls before the physical transition back to Earth at birth.

After birth, a memory block is set and souls merge with the temporary physical body and mind to produce a combination of new personality traits and the new life soul contract begins.

My knowledge and understanding not only comes from extensive research and study on this subject but is also based on my own personal experiences of life between lives spiritual regression.

I feel privileged to have had these experiences, but I also understand that what I have written here may go against some peoples’ beliefs, preconceptions and personal philosophy so if this is the case, please take on board only what resonates with you and leave what doesn't.

Much love,

Robyn x