Further Insight
man in wheelchair

Physical accidents appear to be random events, varying from unfortunate to tragic.

However, the very paradoxical concept of a ‘planned accident’ is the result of the pre-birth planning process.

Life, sometimes, just does not seem to be fair, but many accidents and other fateful and significant life moments are planned; souls choose extraordinary challenges for their own spiritual awakening and a deeper knowing of self.

For those souls that choose life changing realities resulting from accidents, like becoming paralysed, permanently disfigured or disabled, they have the power and strength to get through it and overcome the initial feelings of heartbreak that their life will never be the same.

The sense of loss may seem insurmountable and the person may experience extensive grief, regret, guilt and depression, but their path is mapped out for a far more profound and empowering existence.

Profound growth is possible for not only the person who the accident happened to; the lives of everyone around that person are also touched.

Partners, family members and friends take on different roles and because our lives are all interconnected, the ripple effect extends to community with fundraisers, benefit dinners and an outpouring of love.

The lessons are for everybody involved.

For others, lessons of compassion, empathy and unconditional love.

For the person who had the accident, their lessons include patience (especially during the rehabilitation process), forgiveness to overcome anger, letting go of regret and letting in acceptance.

From acceptance often comes a strong intuitive knowing that the accident was meant to happen, leading to a more spiritual focus and the beginning of the search for a greater meaning of life.

Balancing karma can be a major factor in planned accidents; the person may have inflicted grievous bodily harm on somebody else in another life time. Other times there may be a need for greater insight.

A soul may choose this path simply to come to a conscious realisation that they are more than a body, more than what we often judge ourselves to be. It enables accelerated growth and spiritual expansion beyond self-limiting beliefs.

On a soul level we cannot be permanently damaged.

There is always more to life than what we can see.

Much love,

Robyn x