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It has been reported that over one million people worldwide take their own life each year.

A desperate act, not a selfish one, that leaves loved ones with so many questions and the difficult task of healing from such a traumatic experience.

With unanswered questions, loved ones are left to hope that that person is now at peace.

So what happens to the soul of a person who decides to take their own life?

Suicide is not a part of the pre-birth life plan, but there is a possible likelihood of it happening due to the challenges the incarnating soul has agreed to face during that life.

Souls who take their own life are greeted by their guides and treated with the greatest of compassion. Their spiritual recovery involves overcoming the shock of ending their life and coming to terms with the pain and suffering they have left behind.

With their guides and Spiritual Elders, souls look at the reasons behind the suicide and address the underlying emotions leading to their departure, for they will meet the same lessons in different circumstances when they are ready to reincarnate.

Souls who choose to be close to someone who ends up committing suicide may choose so to gain a wider understanding of the human psyche, to learn valuable lessons around empathy and compassion or to simply learn to set personal boundaries so as not to absorb other people’s psychological problems.

It is also an opportunity to acknowledge and accept that once somebody has decided to end their life they cease the willingness to create an opening for somebody else to help them, others do not have the power to prevent it.

Suicide largely follows depression and people who are suffering enormously cannot overcome their demons and desperately want change.

Change from feeling dead inside, change from the inability to feel love and change from the immense pain.

From a spiritual perspective, suicide is not a wrongful or sinful act. It is an act that leads to growth and light and from the darkest place comes a new direction towards spiritual evolution.

The best way for a person to overcome depression is to learn to understand themselves better and know what is happening to them. They need an opportunity to tell their story, to share their darkest thoughts with someone who is non-judgemental and compassionate.

This helps them to find meaning in their life story, to recognise they are worthy, to embrace their sensitivity and to discover their own beauty and strength.

If you are experiencing overwhelming emotional turmoil please seek help, because YOU really do matter.

For those healing from the trauma of a loved one who took their own life, realise your loved one is in a place of eternal love and peace and they are never far away because souls who have connected through the heart share the strongest bond of all.

Lifeline: 13 11 44
Beyondblue: 1300 22 46 36

Much love,


Robyn x