Further Insight

Ever wondered if your relationship is meant to go the distance?

The relationships we have are not always with soulmates that are healing in nature, often they are with karmic partners that aren’t meant to last.

What is a karmic relationship?

Most of us are likely to have experienced at least one karmic relationship, or sometimes several!

A karmic relationship is a relationship that was destined, but rather than for the purpose of coming together in harmonious love like primary soulmates, it is a union that pushes your buttons and becomes toxic by nature.

Karmic relationships are temporary and are designed to guide you and teach you, to clear karma from previous lives or previous relationships.

Karmic relationships are about growth, not perfect union where you grow together.

Signs you are in a karmic relationship:

1. There’s an attraction, but it is short lived.

The chemistry of a karmic connection can be mistaken for a soulmate relationship.

2. There are warning signs, red flags, at the beginning.

These triggers are the very lessons the relationship is meant to teach you and quite often ignored at the beginning.

3. They are frustrating.

If you are constantly frustrated and feel misunderstood, then you are likely to be in a karmic relationship.

4. They bring out your dark side.

Karmic relationships are volatile and filled with drama. They will bring out the worst in you, turning you into someone you don’t recognise or even like.

5. You are triggered just in their presence.

Just being around them can trigger great irritation and intolerance. You instantly feel heavy and your mood changes for what appears no reason at all.

6. There’s a lot of miscommunications.

Rarely are karmic partners on the same page and able to communicate effectively, sparking stress, tension and frustration.

7. They are consistently inconsistent.

There are highs and lows as the karmic relationship rides an emotional rollercoaster, but there is a part of you that deep down knows it’s not going to go the distance.

8. They’re repetitive.

The problems that exist become cyclical and repetitive in nature and they never really get resolved. (Due to the abovementioned miscommunication.)

9. They become co-dependent.

Karmic relationships have a tendency of becoming co-dependent, making it difficult to separate and move on.

10. They highlight your fears.

Due to the nature of lessons required to be learnt from karmic relationships, your fears are highlighted. Fears about moving on, your future and because children are often born from karmic relationships, your children.

11. They don’t last.

Karmic relationships don’t last. If they do, it is because one or both partners are not learning their lessons or are too scared to move forward.

Being in a karmic relationship will lead you to your lessons for growth. Being in a soulmate or Twin Flame relationship will lead you to your healing.

Karmic relationships are conditional, whereas Twin Flame and primary soulmate relationships are based on unconditional love, whether together or in separation.

If you find yourself in a karmic relationship, or recovering from one, realise that you deserve to be happy and take it as an opportunity to practice self-love and focus on the relationship you have with yourself moving forward.

Identify and work through whatever lessons present themselves and you’ll be ready for a love that lasts lifetimes.

Much love,

Robyn x