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Having a child with a disability is one of the most heartbreaking challenges a parent can face.

Parents only ever want their children to be healthy, happy and live a life better than the one they had themselves.

When a child is born with, or later develops, a disability it is natural for parents to experience profound anguish and anger at life and the universe.

Why would this happen to an innocent child they love so much?


The pain can be unbearable, parental relationships come undone due to the stress and they commonly blame themselves or each other for ‘faulty’ genes.

However, ultimately this has nothing to do with genetics.

It has everything to do with the life planned of the soul before birth and if a soul planned to experience a life with a disability then they would have coordinated their life blueprints with the souls of their parents to be.

In the search for discovering the real meaning of the lives we planned before we were born, what does this experience offer that makes such suffering worthwhile from the perspective of the soul?

From the perspective of the personality, this experience may appear to be a huge burden, but on a soul level the parents know their chosen life lessons are entrenched in this difficult challenge.

Despite the pain and broken hearts that come with it, their lessons involve patience, empathy, compassion, truthful communication and determination.

A forced responsibility that requires building a sense of self, the need for a 'never give up' attitude and a more focused life that leads to greater meaning and satisfaction.

It reconfirms the parent’s inner strength and gives them a greater understanding of what is worth worrying about and what is not.

The parent and child in these relationships are often soulmates who reincarnate over many lifetimes in different types of relationships, with love and out of love.

There is a strong intuition between them which becomes the main line of communication and evokes a deeper knowing between the two.

The more severe the disability, the more immersed in the life lessons and spiritual evolution the child and parent are.

Soul connections are also recognised when parents meet other families who have a child with a disability, a special bond that goes beyond the obvious commonality.

Growth occurs through emotion and the agony involved in this kind of experience is usually designed for more mature souls. Every life plan a soul makes is a choice to learn and the experiences are wide and varied.

What appears as chaotic is actually order.

The painful lessons that appear unfair are actually highly valuable.

To parents of children with a disability, honour them and honour yourself.

You have taken the higher path and your life experience is not a form of punishment or bad karma, it is extremely purposeful, respected, courageous and spiritually advantageous.

Much love,

Robyn x