Further Insight
sky with hand dropping a heart into another hand

While watching the extraordinary story about the transgender mother and son on 60 Minutes my first thought was how incredibly lucky they are to have each other and to have that essential understanding of what the other is going through.

My second thought was they must have a significant soul connection to agree, in pre-birth planning, to their relationship and the life challenges they were to face.

It’s a bold choice to agree to enter a new life in a body that you are not comfortable in and makes you feel depressed, a situation that lends itself to stress, anxiety, bullying and suicidal thoughts.

Although society is making progress towards the acceptance of the many ways in which people express their sexuality, whether it be transgender, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or whatever, those who identify as something other than heterosexual are still being mistreated.

Why do souls plan lives in which they will be different from the majority with such difficult personal challenges?

What are the life lessons, the soul’s purpose?

Every lesson, every challenge, is purely for our own personal growth. We choose our life experiences that we know will foster our spiritual evolution, the bigger the challenge the more significant progress is made in one lifetime.

Life lessons for people who identify as transgender or homosexual are often as simple as discovering their own truth, learning to adapt to the necessary changes and embracing their sexuality with self-acceptance and self-love.

Choices made on a soul level that result in being part of a minority can leave a person experiencing confusion, isolation and exclusion.

Possibly the most important karmic lesson here is emotional independence.

Emotional independence means recognising that you and you alone are responsible for your own well-being and happiness and this alone promotes substantial spiritual growth.

The mother and son from last night’s story on 60 Minutes would have planned their lives with one another on a soul level for mutual growth and learning where each soul is given the experience it seeks.

From the similar contrasting experience of being born into a body they do not identify with they are observing, helping and learning from each other all the time, drawing inner strength from each other with unconditional love and acceptance.

Your sexual orientation is a basic human right.

Suppressing your sexuality is not fully expressing who you are.

Only with courage and the absence of fear to express the person you are destined to be, can you experience true happiness.

People want to be seen for who they truly are, but first they must see themselves through that same lens by cultivating self-acceptance and self-love.

Much love,

Robyn x