Further Insight

Telepathy is a phenomenon by which mind to mind communication occurs.

This mental communication, a transference of thought from one mind to another regardless of distance, is based on emotions, feelings, sensations, images and desires.

This skill is not only reserved for psychics and mediums when connecting with spirit, you too can communicate telepathically!

Telepathic communication occurs when the mind and body is in a relaxed state and is most likely to happen between people who have had a significant connection to one another.

To send a message to someone it is important to hold them in your thoughts and visualise their image.

Picture an imaginary path for your communication to travel and believe it will reach its destination.

Emotions are powerful so emotionally charge your thought, feeling or desire to the person you want to communicate with.

Deep meditation makes communication with spirit guides and passed over loved ones possible where conversations are exchanged via thought form.

Telepathy also occurs in our dreams as well as in the relaxed state just before we fall asleep when it is possible to transmit our thoughts and feelings to another person purely through heightened extra-sensory awareness.

Receiving telepathic communication comes in the same way as it is sent, by a thought, a feeling, a deeper knowing and the ability to connect this way can have a profound impact on your relationships.

Whether you are communicating with your spirit guide, those in the spirit world or someone you cannot physically contact because of distance or circumstance, you can actually relate to them at an even higher level telepathically.

This special intuitive and instinctual ability requires trust and a high level of open mindedness as a closed mind, along with a lack of awareness and disbelief, will shut down the ability to send and receive messages by thought alone.

Much love,

Robyn x