Further Insight

For a parent to lose a child at any age is excruciatingly painful, but for the loss to occur before that child is born brings about a unique kind of grief and sadness.

The parents are left to grieve over their child they were yet to meet, yet to hold in their arms and often left to wonder if they could have done something differently.

The experience of a miscarriage can result in a combination of shock, anger, self-blame, guilt and can quickly lead to depression.

Considering we, as immortal souls, agree to a life plan before we reincarnate, why would a soul knowingly place its energy in a foetus that was not going to be born?

What was the soul’s purpose of doing so?

As is commonly the case, many people have a particular lesson they weren’t able to learn in multiple past lives and therefore seek to resolve it in this lifetime. In the case of miscarriage the lesson to learn could be self-forgiveness, love or acceptance.

Miscarriage is a time for grief, but not guilt.

It is important to remember that the soul of the mother and the soul of the unborn baby agreed to such circumstances for whatever lesson and reason that may be.

Abortion is different in the way that miscarriage is not a conscious decision (after reincarnating) made by the mother or parents, whereas abortion is.

A soul doesn’t actually attach itself to a foetus in the first trimester when abortions are most likely to occur, but it can associate itself energetically and the mother can often sense the spirit of the child.

The lessons are often the same as when miscarriage occurs, lessons of love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness.

There is no place for guilt, shame or judgement surrounding any woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy and abortion is certainly not murder.

A mother who aborts her baby has not caused the death of a soul as the soul continues to exist.

The soul of the child may choose to wait to come back to the same soul group family or may choose different parents depending on the experiential opportunity and growth it desires and agrees to in pre-birth planning.

At this time, we as souls desire to heal and overcome longstanding issues more than ever.

On a soul level there is a superior understanding of the greater meaning and purpose of events such as miscarriage and abortion and only the most courageous agree before birth to face the events that lead to wounds of the soul being healed.

Much love,

Robyn x