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Blog 33 250x250For a parent to lose a child at any age is excruciatingly painful, but for the loss to occur before that child is born brings about a unique kind of grief and sadness.

The parents are left to grieve over their child they were yet to meet, yet to hold in their arms and often left to wonder if they could have done something differently.

The experience of a miscarriage can result in a combination of shock, anger, self-blame, guilt and can quickly lead to depression.

Considering we, as immortal souls, agree to a life plan before we reincarnate, why would a soul knowingly place its energy in a foetus that was not going to be born? What was the soul’s purpose of doing so?

As is commonly the case, many people have a particular lesson they weren’t able to learn in multiple past lives and therefore seek to resolve it in this lifetime. In the case of miscarriage the lesson to learn could be self-forgiveness, love or acceptance. Miscarriage is a time for grief, but not guilt.

It is important to remember that the soul of the mother and the soul of the unborn baby agreed to such circumstances for whatever lesson and reason that may be.

Blog 32 250x250Karma is a popular word, but what is it and what does it actually mean?

Karma is neither punishment nor reward; it is simply the spiritual principle of cause and effect where an individual’s intentional act (thought, word or deed) influences their own future outcomes, good or bad. What we sow we reap.

Now this may sound good in theory, but sometimes karma appears slow to serve. For example, a person may act deceitfully and immorally yet still seem to thrive and succeed while people who are acting out good deeds of kindness and moral behaviour seem to reap very little.

How can this be a karmic result, a natural law of justice, for that person’s actions?

We can argue that the seeds of our actions take time to grow, but if people don’t get their rightful retribution, good or bad, it leaves an unresolved contradiction that just doesn’t seem fair. It is sometimes hard to accept that everything is occurring in perfect order and the cosmic events of the universe are greater and more intricate than we can imagine.

Blog 31 250x250Have you heard of soul contracts? It can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around, but prior to birth we have extensive discussions with our spiritual elders and soul group who we will reincarnate with. These discussions are soul agreements about what lessons we are to learn in the next life and how we are going to learn them.

All the significant moments, relationships, events are predetermined as lessons to learn on the path of our spiritual evolution, especially the most challenging and painful ones.

The concept of planning your life before birth can be difficult to understand, why would we agree to experience such trauma and devastating loss that some people experience over and over in a life time? Why would a soul agree to such painful challenges? Simply questioning why you would have planned your own experiences gives new meaning to life challenges and launches a journey of self-discovery.

Pre-birth planning is intricate and detailed and goes well beyond the planning of life’s most difficult moments. We choose our bodies, our parents (and they choose us during their own soul planning process), our names, when and where we will reincarnate, the people we will meet and the relationships we will have. If you have ever had that feeling of knowing someone you have just met it is likely they are part of your soul group and were part of your pre-birth planning. The feeling of déjà vu is often accurately attributed to past life memories or memories of pre-birth planning.

Blog 30 250x250In central Thailand, in 1967, a boy called Chanai was born with two birthmarks, one on the back of his head and one above his left eye. His family didn’t think much of it until the boy was three years old and started talking about his previous life.

He said that he had been a school teacher named Bua Kai and he was killed on his way to school.

He listed the names of previous family members and spoke of where he lived, begging his grandmother to take him there. Eventually she did, and all of the details he had given were confirmed by his previous family.

They told of how five years before Chanai was born Bua Kai had died from being shot. His wife remembered the doctor who examined him explain that the entrance wound was on the back of his head and the smaller wound above his eye was the exit wound. These wounds matched Chanai’s birthmarks.

Another case linking biology and reincarnation is that of a boy from Turkey who his parents called Malik, but when Malik was old enough to talk he insisted he be called Nicep (his name from his previous life). He frequently talked about memories from his previous life, all confirmed to be true when Nicep’s family took him to his previous village when he was 12.

Nicep was born with numerous birthmarks on his head, face and torso and a woman in the village confirmed that a man named Nicep Budak, who was her neighbour, was stabbed to death shortly before the child Nicep was born. The University of Virginia’s Professor Ian Stevenson, who was conducting this particular investigation, was able to obtain a copy of Necip Budak’s autopsy report and it was confirmed that Necip’s birthmarks corresponded to the wounds on the report.

Blog 29 250x250For decades respected doctors, scientists and physicists at the University of Virginia in the United States have been conducting research into young children’s reports of past life memories.

A psychiatry professor, Dr Jim Tucker, undertook a scientific investigation into this phenomenon and his research actually supports the concept of reincarnation.

From his investigation came this story of an American boy who believes he is the reincarnation of his own grandfather.

As reported by Dr Jim Tucker:  John McConnell, a retired New York City policeman working as a security guard, stopped at an electronics store after work one night in 1992. He saw two men robbing the store and pulled out his pistol. Another thief behind a counter began shooting at him. John tried to shoot back, and even after he fell, he got up and shot again. He was hit six times. One of the bullets entered his back and sliced through his left lung, his heart, and the main pulmonary artery, the blood vessel that takes blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs to receive oxygen. He was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.

John had been close to his family and had frequently told one of his daughters, Doreen, ‘No matter what, I’m always going to take care of you.’ Five years after John died Doreen gave birth to a son named William. William began passing out soon after he was born. Doctors diagnosed him with a condition called pulmonary valve atresia, in which the valve of the pulmonary artery has not adequately formed, so blood cannot travel through it to the lungs. In addition, one of the chambers of his heart, the right ventricle, had not formed properly as a result of the problem with the valve. He underwent several surgeries. Although he will need to take medication indefinitely, he has done quite well.

Blog 28 250x250As I published in 'Life After Death', our consciousness, our soul, continues to exist after death. So where do our souls go and what do they do? Who greets them on the ‘other side’? There has been wide research, insights and case studies provided on the journey of souls by several reliable and credible sources including Dr Brian Weiss, Dr Michael Newton, Andy Tomlinson, Ian Lawton and other leading pioneers in the modern methodologies of Regression Therapy.

In Western society the belief that death is final can be a great obstacle in the healing process so instead of shying away from sharing what I know and understand, because it differs from mainstream beliefs, my intention is to share the wonders of the spirit world (as best I can) for others to gain a greater perspective of the incredible sense of order and planning that occurs for our soul’s purpose before each life time.

When a person dies the soul leaves the physical body and after leaving the Earth’s plane they travel through a spectrum of light to be met by their spirit guides and, commonly, a loving soulmate to assist in the transition from human being to intelligent light source. My own spiritual regression experience involved travelling through a portal of brilliant light with a prism of colours to be met by silhouette energy fields emerging from a misty fog that I intuitively knew to be my spirit guides.