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 Further Insight

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In order to change we need to step outside our comfort zone.  We need to let go of something that has inadvertently become a part of us.  This could be anxiety, stress, grief, anger… any sort of emotion or behaviour.

Quite often we know what is holding us back, yet we can’t move forward.  We become comfortable, as such, with the undesirable emotion or behaviour as after a length of time it becomes predictable.  There is a safety in knowing how we feel, but sometimes we continue this pattern for so long the root of the cause becomes suppressed in our subconscious.  We continue to live day by day, year by year, carrying the burden.  We may relieve ourselves of the pain with medication, whether it is prescribed, recreational drugs or alcohol, just in order to cope.  However, medicine can’t remove the psychological trauma.  We can live our lives coping with our issues, but it is not until we have actually dealt with them that real inner peace and freedom occurs.