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 Further Insight

Self-knowledge is the gateway to your inner peace. It leads to a better understanding of your emotions and behaviours, what causes them and what their purpose is for your own personal growth. With this knowledge and understanding you can recognise the lessons being presented and empower yourself to overcome life’s emotional challenges. Here’s a short list of common emotions and behaviours and what they are teaching you.

Fear – shows a negative outlook towards something you don’t understand or an uncertainty towards the unknown. Fear is teaching you courage and mental strength.

Bitterness – shows where you are holding onto hurt and where you need to heal. It demonstrates that you are holding judgements on others for the injustice you’ve experienced. Bitterness is teaching you forgiveness.

Resentment – shows an inability to move on from a painful event or wrongdoing and demonstrates you are living in the past. Resentment is teaching you to let go and be present by living in the here and now.

Guilt – shows that you are living your life based on the expectations of what others think you should do and how you should act. Guilt is teaching you to live by your own beliefs and principles.

Substance addiction is one of the most common of life challenges. It is an act of numbing the pain and escaping raw emotions due to the fear of confronting the real problems and issues that are being presented. It can be soul destroying, but also soul defining. From the concept of pre-birth planning, a search for the deeper purpose of the experience can ease the pain of those directly and indirectly affected.

Learning that life challenges are planned enables you to adopt a completely new perspective, shedding negative emotions such as regret, remorse and sadness. Over time our souls experience it all; perpetrator, victim, poverty, wealth, good health, alcoholism, drug addiction, everything! (For this reason alone we could all do with being less judgmental and more compassionate.)

It’s hard to imagine why souls would plan to reincarnate either as an addict, a loving parent of an addict or even as a child born to a parent with a drug addiction. However, this is a conscious choice for whatever the soul needs to learn this time around for their desired growth.

There is someone special for each of us, in fact for most there is more than just one special soulmate. Soulmates are destined to meet and while your head may not recognise them, your heart will. Soul recognition comes in many forms, it can be subtle and slow to form or it can be palpably intense at first glance.

Some people experience immediate soul recognition, where both souls recognise each other. They experience a sudden feeling of familiarity even if they have not met before. The energy between them is undeniable and they have an instant attraction towards each other. They intuitively know each other and there is a level of safety and trust not usually experienced during initial encounters.

Soul recognition can come from one person who feels the connection and sees a potential future together while the other person does not, as their decisions are made based on the mind and all of its fears and prejudices. In these cases it is common for one person to be left heartbroken while the other person moves on unawakened and just not ready.

While watching the extraordinary story about the transgender mother and son on 60 Minutes last night my first thought was how incredibly lucky they are to have each other and to have that essential understanding of what the other is going through. My second thought was they must have a significant soul connection to agree, in pre-birth planning, to their relationship and the life challenges they were to face.

It’s a bold choice to agree to enter a new life in a body that you are not comfortable in and makes you feel depressed, a situation that lends itself to stress, anxiety, bullying and suicidal thoughts. Although society is making progress towards the acceptance of the many ways in which people express their sexuality, whether it be transgender, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or whatever, those who identify as something other than heterosexual are still being mistreated. Why do souls plan lives in which they will be different from the majority with such difficult personal challenges? What are the life lessons, the soul’s purpose?

I have previously written about how children choose their parents and their parents choose them as part of the pre-birth planning process, but what about adopted children? Do adopted children and their adoptive parents make the same choices? If so, why would a soul, prior to birth, plan to be adopted?

Children who are adopted suffer emotional consequences such as feeling angry towards their birth parents, feeling a lack of self-confidence and a lack of self-worth for being given up along with experiencing identity and belonging issues. So if a soul did choose to be adopted how do these feelings foster a soul’s evolution?

There are several reasons a soul may choose to be adopted. It is possible they know the souls of their adoptive parents, who may not be able to have children in that particular life, and they deeply long to be reunited with them. While the child will still suffer the consequences of being adopted, they will heal quicker as there is a deeper soul connection with the adoptive family. Alternatively, a soul may choose to right a wrong from a previous life where they caused pain and hurt to another and have agreed to experience pain themselves. This is not a form of punishment, but more a balancing of karma.

When a loved one dies we suffer a great loss, but commonly take comfort in the belief that we will be reunited with the souls of our deceased loved ones in the spirit world. However, there is strong evidence of these souls returning to us much sooner, in our current life time in fact! While our passed over loved ones can connect with us through our dreams or through the aid of a medium or psychic, the actuality of reincarnation means that they can also come back to us as a baby born back into the same family. Grandfathers return as grandsons, mothers return as daughters and, incredibly, a child who has died young can return to the same mother. Here is a story of a child reborn to his mother, Kathy.

Kathy was sixteen when she gave birth to James who before he was two years old was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left leg. Naturally, Kathy was devastated. As James’ condition deteriorated he required different treatments, including an IV in his right jugular vein that left a linear scar on James’ neck. He also obtained a tumour behind his left eye leaving him blind in that eye and by this time the doctors could do nothing for him, James died at the age of two.