Further Insight

Every Twin Flame relationship is unique and can’t be simplified, but there is a common thread, a general pattern of the Twin Flame journey.

It can be an intense, overwhelming and painful experience all in one.

 You may not even know you are on a Twin Flame journey until much later when you go through your own spiritual awakening and start to question why the love you feel never dies.

Heck, you may have never heard of the expression ‘Twin Flames’!

The theory was born from ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, who first created the idea of souls ‘split in two’ that eternally yearn to find their ‘other halves.’ (Maybe this is where the term ‘my other half’ comes from!)

The Twin Flame journey is a profound one, elevating twins to their highest potential and to a deeply fulfilling union.

Here are the stages of the Twin Flame journey…

 1. Meeting Your Twin Flame

When you meet your Twin Flame you experience an intense attraction for one another, an instant magnetic pull. The strong connection is undeniable, but you may be completely oblivious to the term and concept of ‘Twin Flames’. You fall deeply and madly in love.

 2. Separation

Outer turmoil and internal conflict, mostly from childhood wounds, come to the surface that leads to separation. Not all Twin Flames separate, but commonly they do for healing and growth that is required independently of the relationship. Separation can last years.

 3. Chaser/Runner

This is the most difficult and painful stage, where one soul ‘runs’, creating both physical and emotional distance. Separation remains dependent on each person’s emotional and soulful maturity. Both twins have emotional wounds to heal, paths to walk, karmic relationships to have and lessons to learn.

 4. Spiritual Awakening

Through the heartache and pain, the dark night of the soul, comes a spiritual awakening and often an awareness of the Twin Flame connection. During this stage, wounds are healed and lessons are learned about the self as well as the other. Egos dissolve and the Twin Flame energy becomes stronger and the love further deepens.

 5. Soulful Reunion Occurs

The power of love rules and Twin Flames come together once more. Reunion is an intense attraction from a soul level and the love they share is transformational and unbreakable. Twin Flames come into an authentic, fulfilling and awakened relationship based on mutual respect and unconditional love.

Twin Flames find a shared meaning and passion in mutual interests that bring a sense of fulfilment.

Virtues such as forgiveness, understanding, empathy and patience are learned and shared and two people, twin souls, experience the sense of ‘oneness’.

I wish you well on your Twin Flame journey!

Remember, it's all about YOU and your growth.

Much love,

Robyn x