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Blog 27 250x250There is becoming more and more scientific evidence that consciousness is separate from the physical body, therefore when we die it is only our bodies that die.

The true essence of our being is spiritual, it is energy, and because of this our consciousness knows no boundaries. Energy is a vibration, filling the space around us, just like when you listen to music it comes from a source, but it is also all around you without limits or boundaries.

We are energetic beings living a physical life while here on Earth and our soul, our spirit, our consciousness, whatever you want to call it, continues to exist.

I am not here to convince anyone of the afterlife, there is existing scientific proof (the theory of biocentrism for example) available to those who require evidence-based material for confirmation of things they don't know or believe. However, this explanation of consciousness gives a greater understanding of occurrences like out of body experiences, near-death experiences, astral travelling, telepathic communication and even reincarnation, without lending itself to religious ideology.

Blog 26 250x250There has been a lot of media coverage recently over high profile marriage breakdowns (too much actually, but I guess that's what the celebrity obsessed want to know about) and they are branded a failure. Divorce is not a sign of failure and there is no shame in it. I have had a couple of friends contact me in the last week with the news their marriages have also ended and while it is a challenging time, it is certainly not a failure on anyone’s part.

Life is not a fairy tale and unfortunately relationships run their course. People grow and people grow apart. When two people come together their paths cross and a relationship puts them on a path together. These meetings were destined and were always going to happen and if children were born out of these relationships, they were meant to happen too. To separate is a decision that creates a great deal of inner conflict – to hold on or to let go. However, you cannot hold on because you are too scared to let go.

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Not everybody remembers their dreams, however we all dream several times a night. Our dreams are closely related to our emotions and in a dream state our minds give full rein to these emotions while our left brain that is analytical and logical, remains mostly inactive.

Depending on our emotional state in our waking lives, our dreams enable us to fulfil our wishes and desires without the interference of reasoning or reality and, on the other hand, the reflections of our fears result in nightmares and anxiety provoking dreams.

Your dreams, intuition and highest wisdom are generated by the right hemisphere of the brain where your subconscious resides. Your subconscious mind is a place of complete resourcefulness… all of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, experiences and memories (including past life memories) are stored here and this is where you can find answers and solutions to presenting problems.

In a dream state the mind is more receptive to messages from your higher self as the body has surrendered all conscious control and you are literally left open minded. Your higher mind is free to express itself in the form of symbolic images and messages that reflect what is going on in your waking life.

Blog 24 250x250Have you ever been separated from someone you love and as a result ached and longed for that person desperately? A client, who I will call Eva, is in a long distance relationship with a man she only sees occasionally. Her biggest fear is that she will lose him to somebody else because she is not able to maintain a constant presence in his life and their communication can be difficult due to the different time zones that being on opposite sides of the world presents.

Before the regression we set the intention to explore whether she had any past lives with this man to help her gain a greater understanding of her connection to him. Initially Eva wasn’t able to ground herself into one past life and experienced different lives and scenarios as different characters, including characters of both genders. (For our spiritual evolution our souls experience varied ways of life.)

Eva eventually found herself in North America and in a loving relationship with her current life boyfriend who I will call Jag. Jag was a Native American Indian in this past life and in the presenting scenario she described him dressed in only animal skin with handmade weapons, about to leave for war. Eva was his wife and mother of his only child and as a consequence of this war Jag died and they never saw each other again after that final farewell.

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We are energetic beings with our thoughts controlling the energy flow within and around us. What we think about determines how we feel and what we experience, this is why being mindful and choosing our thoughts wisely is essential to our wellbeing.

Our body’s energy centres are known as ‘chakras’, which means ‘wheel’ in the ancient Sanskrit language of India, and they circulate life energy (also known as ‘ki’, ‘chi’ or ‘prana’) throughout the body to ensure vitality. The chakras constantly receive and radiate energy according to our thoughts. If our thoughts are negative and based around stress, worry and fear then our energy centres become dirty and dense and as a result we feel sluggish, fatigued and out of balance. When our chakras are cleansed and balanced then the physical body maintains equilibrium between the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

There are many energy centres of the body, but seven major ones that I will cover here. They each have different colours associated with them and represent different aspects of the self, both physically and mentally.

The Root Chakra (Red)
Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is related to issues of physical security and affected by thoughts about finances, career, physical safety, needs and possessions.

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Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) is a short-term, intensive psychotherapy intended to alleviate human suffering by helping individuals change inappropriate behaviour patterns, promote wider acceptance of the self, improve interpersonal relationships and achieve balance and harmony in their personal lives.

The regression experience is a search for the source of the problem and it is important for the client to have some understanding of their own personal dynamics and accept responsibility for their own lives. It is essential for me, the therapist, to create and provide a safe environment for the client to feel confident in verbalising anything that is seen in the subconscious and for the client to be free enough to maintain the same level of objectivity and non-judgemental attitude towards whatever information is presented.

What to expect:

After an initial discussion to explore any current or recurrent problems, you are gently guided through a relaxation exercise and a guided meditation. This is an energetic journey we take together and when a relaxed state of being is achieved, past life memory recall is activated. The subconscious automatically begins to alert the senses and produce images of a story that reflects current life issues. Events from a past life are presented that help identify the root cause of any emotional, mental or physical complaints and conditions.