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When asked what I do, I either get a perplexed expression or a ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ kind of response. Past Life Regression Therapy is a powerful tool to heal trauma and transform body and mind, but it can be hard for people to understand the process and meaning behind the method. The words ‘Past Life’ can quickly close minds to the possibilities, however you do not have to believe in reincarnation to benefit, you only need a willingness to focus and relax.  

Hypnosis is the technique used to achieve access to the subconscious mind where our memories, intuition, wisdom and creativity are stored. This part of the brain functions at a much deeper level than the conscious mind and has no imposed boundaries of time and space. The subconscious remembers everything and can recall anything. It can also promote healing by offering solutions to problems as it transcends wisdom far beyond waking capabilities.

There is no mystery to hypnosis; it is simply a state of focused concentration. When you are deeply relaxed and focused on the task you are not distracted by outside noises or the usual bombardment of thoughts and feelings on your conscious mind. Most of us experience light states of hypnosis every day, when we are lost in a book or a movie or deeply concentrating on something. Hypnosis is not how it is depicted on television, you are in total control the whole time and you will remember the entire experience.

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Meditation is the art of energy healing. The more you are able to relax your body and mind through meditation the more likely you are to feel peaceful and present. While meditation fosters better mental and physical health it also opens the gateway to the endless resourcefulness of your subconscious mind. From a place of deep relaxation and focused attention you are opening the channel to receive great wisdom from your higher self.

The most common problem people have when they try to meditate is quietening their mind from the seemingly endless internal chatter. It is not necessary to rid your mind of all thoughts, only to shift your focus. To do this, start by taking a deep breath to ground yourself in your space. Allow your conscious thoughts to enter your mind and gently let them go by bringing your attention to your breathing. Notice the rise and fall of your natural breath and, if necessary, start counting your breath and return to counting every time a random thought enters your mind.

To further enhance that deep place of relaxation consciously relax your muscles, start by stretching the feet and the calf muscles etc., working your way up to your shoulders, neck, jaw and face. As you gradually become deeply relaxed you enter an altered state of consciousness and this opens the gateway to an abyss of personal knowledge, greater personal wisdom and symbolic messages. These messages can offer resolution to any concerns you have and they have the potential to create a pathway to greater life fulfilment. You have the answers. They present themselves while you are in a meditative state, in your dreams or during past life experiences.

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Relationship issues are a common thread amongst all of us, which is not surprising as all of our lives are comprised of social and intimate interaction with others.   What is also common amongst us is the desire to find love and be loved. The energetic pull between soulmates may be gentle or quite forceful, depending on the situation; however, soulmates are never truly apart from each other. Even if they are miles apart geographically, their hearts and souls are forever bound. Soulmate relationships frequently arise during Past Life Regression Therapy and I wanted to share a couple of more stories with you.

I’ll begin with the story of a client I will call Ava. Ava had trouble making sense of a relationship that wasn’t evolving into something more serious, yet she knew the connection and chemistry she had with this man, who I will call Thomas, was deep and she knew they both loved each other dearly. During a past life regression she discovered that she was once married to Thomas. They lived in America, in Atlanta, during the 19th century and during this time Ava’s life had ended suddenly. It appeared there was unfinished business between them and they were reunited in this life, but Thomas was detached and uncommitted. Once Ava became aware of the deep love that spanned life times with this man and the origin of her feelings for him, she was able to honour herself by making better choices in her current situation. Instead of going on with his lack of commitment, for her own highest good she called an end to their casual fling, choosing self-respect over being only an option for him. Deep down she knew they weren't meant to be together long term in this life and the knowledge they were soulmates and lived a previous life together as man and wife was gratifying enough for her to have the courage and the confidence to move on without him, loving him all the same. She was able to remain friends with this soulmate and moved on with her life with no bitterness and no regret, only love and an inner peace that came from her understanding and acceptance of the relationship. She literally set herself free.

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Through his extensive work, Dr Michael Newton has identified three different groups of soulmates. These include ‘Affiliated Souls’, who are generally acquaintances associated with us to teach us a karmic lesson, ‘Companion Soulmates’ who are often our siblings, our children or good friends who are actively taking part in our physical life and ‘Primary Soulmates’ who are most often a deeply bonded partner or lover. Primary soulmates are two people who are connected eternally by their love for one another and come around together, life after life, with lessons for each other that teach personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Destiny dictates when soulmates will meet, but one thing is for sure… we will meet them. What happens after two soulmates meet is no longer fateful; it becomes a matter of choice and one of the most important moments in our lives. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognise this until after the choice has been made. The right choice is an opportunity realised and can bring two hearts and two souls together in a union of profound happiness. However, there are many reasons soulmates may not remain together; the important karmic lessons in their reunion may have been learnt and it’s time to go their own way or their greatest life’s lessons are better learnt on separate paths, however one thing is for sure, without a greater understanding parting from a soulmate can result in long term suffering and heartache.

A client, who I will call Anna, had an ex-boyfriend who she loved more than she had loved anyone else. Anna was very young when they fell in love and after they split up she went on her journey of self-discovery and essentially growing into her own while he moved on, married someone else and had a family of his own. This led to years of loneliness and suffering and many failed relationships, but it also resulted in great personal growth and inner strength along with a determination to create her own happiness and success. Anna’s love for this man and curiosity about the deep connection she felt towards him never disappeared and she came to see me to gain insight into her continual feelings towards him. During a past life regression she discovered they were in fact married in a previous life, blissfully happy with a family of their own. This knowledge of having loved him for many life times gave her the understanding that this life was not the end, regardless of whether they would be together again or not. The belief in this connection enabled her to forge ahead with her own life and not dwell in the past where thoughts of being with him could ignite heartache and pain.

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1.  Stop comparing yourself to others – Everybody has their struggles and their own personal soul contract to live out. Everybody has karmic matter to serve – heartache, heartbreak, challenges and choices. Comparing yourself to others is a fast track to unhappiness, depression and self-defeating behaviours. No matter how easy some people seem to have it, no matter how successful, powerful, wealthy or fabulous someone appears on the outside, they still experience life’s suffering. We all suffer to some degree or another; this is what makes us ALL equal. Find the way to self-acceptance, only involve yourself in quality relationships and find a meaningful life’s purpose and go for it. Do not buy into people’s highlight reels on social media. It is highly likely that the person you are unfavourably comparing yourself to can’t even live up to the idealised image you have created of them in your own mind.

2.  Forgive those who have wronged you – This is one of life’s hardest lessons. Forgiveness is easy in principle, but much harder to put into action. It can be hard because we don’t want to let the other person ‘off the hook’, but forgiveness is not excusing the other person’s actions. It does not mean you have to tell the other person they are forgiven. Forgiveness does not mean you have to forget about the incident and forgiveness certainly does not mean you have to continue to include that person in your life. By forgiving, you are accepting the situation and are willing to let go of the grief, the judgement, the victim mentality and, most importantly, you are allowing yourself to heal. Forgiveness is not something you do for the other person; it is something you do for you.

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I find every past life regression extremely fascinating, but I had an especially interesting story unfold recently with a client I’ll call Marie. Marie found herself as a young boy, called Marcel, in a village in France during the Middle Ages. She described her home as a one room hut with sparse straw on the ground and with meagre furnishings, only a table and a couple of stools. Other huts were built at random on the surrounding land and there was a real sense of community with the other villagers. When a past life is induced we explore the first scene in great detail; where they are, what they see and how they are feeling, to bring the client into a focused concentration which also helps to deepen the trance state. The deeper the trance the easier the story unfolds, rolling like a movie.

Marcel had a younger brother and they lived in the hut with their mother and father. Her father farmed the land, but they were very poor and suppressed within the feudal social system of the time. They had very little personal freedom and almost no human rights. Marie explored the relationship she had with her mother, who she identified as her mother in this life time as well. They had a loving relationship despite the hardship and were very close. The significant and tragic events that were recalled during this life as Marcel included the death of his little brother due to an outbreak of disease, having to flee their home into the woods when death and destruction came to town as well as the death of his father who was killed during this invasion. What stood out was how stoic Marcel’s mother was during these most tragic of times, she showed such little emotion. The mother would simply say ‘That’s our lot in life.’ and get on with basic and menial tasks. Marcel was distraught and did not receive the comfort and support he needed at these most desperate times.